Murals and a horrific history

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This ones freaky, doesnt matter where you stood, the gun was always on you, to the left, to the right, right in front, the barrel of the gun just followed..

I've been out of there for 5months now and I still cant get away!! Didnt see one in Ireland but have seen 5 in my short time in Belfast!

14th May 2007

Beautiful Ireland
Ah! that giants causeway looks grogeous! im forwarding this to my friends cos i wanna c this, but we werent planning on heading to Belfast..hehe BP! miss u, c u in Prague xoxo
14th May 2007

"my only regret is losing you" (not a wise man comment) I'm glad that's not a wise man quote!! Hehe! 12 days... And counting - So exciting - Can't to see u in London (and do a teensy bit of shopping!) That bridge looks scary! I saw it on the Great Outdoors a while ago! Did it move/sway lots? Love that you've added more photos too :D See you soon!
15th May 2007

The bridge was such a let-down in terms of scarryness. Ive always heard is was really bad, but didnt even need the rope to hold on to. Haha em, it definitely wasnt a wise man quote. Looking forward to London
27th February 2008

Hey there Been enjoying looking at your blog around Europe! Im headin back over next year with my fiancee for a 2 month trip! And as for the rope bridge. Over rated wasnt it? My friends took me there last year and said that they actually completely redid it a few years back. Apperently it USE to be scary! haha.

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