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August 29th 2017
Published: August 29th 2017
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Trading is an integral part of our day to day life. Whenever we buy or sell something we are trading. The basic ingredient of trading is money and the two important factors associated with are dem and and supply. The price hike of the particular object is directly proportional to the demand for that object. If the demand goes high and supply is less you will earn profit or else if the demands falls and supply is high you will suffer lose. Same rule apply for every type of trading inclusive of financial market trade.

Scope of online trading

Gone are those days when financial trading used to be confined within few areas like banks or financial institution. Nowadays with the technological advancement and quick and easy accessibility of internet in every corner of the world financial trading is open for all who wants to be the part of it for making profit and extra income.

Among all the currency markets Forex (Foreign Exchange) is the largest in the world and it operates round the clock and deals with limited currency options even less than a dozen unlike other stock markets that remains open for certain time period only and have numerous options which creates confusion.

Money exchange in trading currencies

When you visit different countries for vacations, medical tourism, office trip etc. to survive in that country you want currency of that particular country. In order to get the local currency you need to exchange the currency you have at the exchange rate applicable for that particular moment. The exchange rate keeps on changing continuously as per demand and supply of the currency.

For example, if you exchange Euro to dollars with the exchange rate $1.50 for one euro then for €300 euro you get $450 dollars. After sometime you again exchange the currency back onto euro but that time exchange rate changes to $1. 30 per euro then you get€323 instead of €300 euro making a profit of €23 for just holding the amount for some time.Currency exchange trading basically involves such type of currency exchange in large scale and grand magnitude worldwide. Making profit from financial trading depends on your intuition, analysis and calculation to exchange currencies when the exchange rate is high.

If you want to make money by taking advantages of fluctuating exchange rate you can take help of online brokers. As the market operates online for 24 hours 5 days in a week so you can choose the time and place as per your convenience. There are no minimum and maximum limitations of amount to be traded, thus as a novice you can start with a very small amount and gradually after gaining confidence can go for large scale trading.

Significance of trading platform and broker

In earlier days to contact a broker for selling or buying currencies the only option was phone but now in the technologies and web era with the help of trading software you can easily trade by downloading the software into your computer. Some brokers even provide web access which is even better as it will afford you the luxury to operate from any computer without downloading the software.

If you wish to buy or sell currencies you should find a seller or buyer respectively. The main role of the broker is to search and find potential buyer or seller of the currencies as per your need. They also help you find a liquidity provider. Liquidity provides are huge organization dealing with abundant currencies so that at any point of time you will be able to either sell or buy any amount of currencies without waiting for a correct match for your need.


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