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August 29th 2017
Published: August 29th 2017
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Whenever you plan to start a new venture you should first accumulate the basic information regarding the process so that it turns out to be a profitable undertaking. Same rules apply in terms of trading as well. As a beginner you might struggle to understand the financial trading process but with slow and steady learning you will be able to earn profit as you desire.

Basics of currency trading

Each one of us is associated and familiar with trading in our daily life. Whenever you buy or sell something in exchange for money it is called trading. In financial trading buying or selling of currencies of different countries with applicable exchange rate takes place in grand scale. The currency trade market remains open 24 hours for 5 days in a week providing opportunities to choose any time period for trading as per your convenience. With the easy accessibility of internet in every corner of world trading can be done online from any place.

The forex is the largest financial trading market and provides limited number of currencies option for trading thus you can have clear idea of market without much confusion. The broker is the middleman between you and market. You can open trading account with the help of broker and broker will find potential seller or buyer for your currencies. Trading account is similar to bank account and to operate the account a strong internet connection and trading software is required. Once the software is installed you can operate the process after proper analysis of techniques and tools. Even with web browser you can access the account from any computer without installing the software.

Common terms in currency trading

For forex kereskedés kezdőknek it is important to get familiar with the terms used in trading so that you don’t get confused while trading. Some of the common terms are as follows:

· PIP. Minimum price increase in the forex trading rate.

· ASK PRICE: The price at which you are willing to buy the currencies and the price at which market is selling the currency.

· BID PRICE: The price at which you are willing to sell the currency and the market is ready to pay you the price for that particular currency.

· SPREADS: The difference between ask price and bid price.

· CURRENCY RATE: The rate of one currency against another currency.

· CHART: Representation of data visually for the analyzing the market and act accordingly.

Important tips for beginner

You may want to become a professional trader or doing it for fun, in both the cases you should consider certain factors that will help you minimize the risk and earn handsome profit eventually.

· Set a realistic goal:Trading is not a place where you will become rich overnight. Depending on your skill of analyzing the market and time spent you will be able to earn considerable profit.

· Long term strategies:Planning for long term benefits will reduce the risk of losing capital. You should first learn to retain the capital and then to increase. Holding currencies for long term i.e. week or month will be beneficial.

· Use simple techniques for analyses and evaluation: There are numerous charts available based on time, volume or price. Follow the one you can understand and analyze for getting clear picture of market.

· Try free trading software: Software is the integral part of trading. For both novice and veteran trader, it is important. Nowadays most of the trading software comes free of cost. You can also take help from FX robots will provide expert advice when market is running smooth.

· Pay attention to volatility: When planning the strategies keep the volatility in consideration because in trading market any unexpected rise or fall in price can happen any time.


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