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February 4th 2005
Published: February 4th 2005
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The Sun!The Sun!The Sun!

Is there a sun in England? Oh wait there is!
Friday was the best day I have had since I have been in England. Woke up and went for a run out in the countryside. It was beautiful and the hills made my legs hurt for a good two days! I didn't realize how beautiful the land around uni is. I am going to have to bring my camera next time.
Then I went home to try to do some school work and of course that didn't happen. As I was sitting there being distracted by the computer the sun crept through the curtains! I almost fell out of my chair because I jumped up and ripped open the shades! Then I grabbed my camera and took a picture. The brilliant thing was the sun was out for most of the day!
After my exciting sun episode I decided to try my luck at the post. I went in found my name on the board (finally), thinking the white piece of paper I held in my hand was my pancakes, and walked up to the desk. The lady handed me a box that was the size of a cd. Very confused by this and was trying to figure out how pancakes

I know they look kind of small, but that is how my friend Tammy always made them! I put jam on them and they were amazing!
fit in here! Then the lady said she had another package for me! It was the pancake box! The lady made fun of me because she said I could have made them from scratch! Come on Americans don't make things from scratch!
I still couldn't figure out what the little box was. Being impatient I set my big box down and opened the little one. It was the Damien Rice cd that I had been missing for a long time (a month is long right?). Almost fell over again and then I realized who sent the mysterious little package! All I can say is thank you to the sneaky little Irishman.
Here are a few pics from my great day of sun, pancakes, and a great cd!

"Still a little bit of your song in my ear
Still a little bit of your words i long to hear
You step a little closer each day
So close that i can't see what's going on" ~Damien Rice

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Where did they go?Where did they go?
Where did they go?

I ate all of them! Yes I know I am a pig, but they were amazing! By the way ignore the flower plate! I got it for free!
My new best friend!My new best friend!
My new best friend!

Me and good ole Hungry Jack!
Damien Rice!Damien Rice!
Damien Rice!

This cd is amazing!

11th February 2005

Glad to see you got pancakes and a D.R. Cd I could understand not being about to listen to it for month that would be really hard, Now you should find his B-sides cd. It's amazing. Well Later Later. -Lloyd- - Lloyd

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