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June 30th 2009
Published: June 30th 2009
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This entire blog is likely to be waffle.
As yet I have nothing to write about (unless you want to hear about my new embroidery project) and so I am just practising with this newfangled communication technique. IT WILL (hopefully) GET BETTER as I actually set off...

It is the last day of June 2009, and my last day as a solely European traveller!
Tomorrow, the first day of July I strap on my intrepid boots (figuratively speaking of course) and head off to SOUTH AFRICA. Although any who are reading this will know this fact already and are probably fed up of hearing about it.
Heathrow - Johannesburg, Johannesburg - Nelspruit, Nelspruit - KWA MADWALA!!!

I am (almost) packed and praying that my luggage remains within the notorious 20kg weight limit, a figure that I fear has already been met by my inordinate amounts of Shampoo and Conditioner alone.
I have also purchased a number of audiobooks, so my flight - alone as I will be! - will be dominated by Jane Eyre, Terry Pratchett and Clarke Gable with Claudette Colbert. A lively company we will make at 2am high in the sky with South African Airways!

Thats about all I can talk about now without falling into the even more mundane, telling you things like - 'I'm having pancakes for breakfast tomorrow morning' (which I am by the way!) so I shall leave it here.

Although. Quick thought.
I'll just say a fast but MASSIVE thankyou to every one who has donated money to the funding of this trip - from home, from Mes Amis, from friends, from school... THANKYOU SO MUCH.
I love you guys <3
You have given me such a wonderful gift - the experience of a lifetime (cheeeese!) so thankyouthankyouthankyou

Actually bye.
For real this time.
Next time I write in this... I'LL BE IN SOUTH AFRICA!!!!!



1st July 2009

ahh the inane waffleing of an excited traveler i hope by the time you get to read this your not too weary and all the flighing and bus transfers hasnt dimmed your enthusiasm am looking forward to following your adventure and looking at all the great sights that your gonna picture have fun lil cuz carl xxx
1st July 2009

You may have left by now, so I'm going to risk saying that this country feels slightly emptier now... :) Stay well, and don't let any mosquitoes tell you what to do! xxxx
2nd July 2009

WOOOOOOOOO! I bet you will love it Gemma! Have massive fun :)
2nd July 2009

Have a FANTASTIC time Gemma!
Very sadly said goodbye to Gemma at Heathrow yesterday, know she has arrived safely in SA and waiting for connecting flight. can't wait to find out what the place is like and is it hotter than the UK!! We all love you and miss you lots - keep safe Mum xxxx
3rd July 2009

Huzzah Gemma! I hope (and am sure) that you're having a wonderful time! I was gonna give you an Artemis Fowl book as a leaving present before you left. I forgot, sorry. but, hey! glad to hear from you and, as I'm sure everyone is, looking forward to hearing from you sooon. Have good times! Love Tom xxx
6th July 2009

Aw thankyou - we'll have to meet up when I get back. Kroon Kat Lounge August 14th methinks? I hope you're having a great summer. Love to all in England... :) xxxxxxx

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