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February 28th 2008
Published: February 29th 2008
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It takes bottle to give up your job and put your career on hold, leave everything you know behind and declare yourself homeless for a year with the intention of spending all of your hard earned savings. It’s difficult turning your back on the social and economic pressures of buying a house, settling down, and chasing a career. But occasionally some people do break free from the system, somehow managing to suppress their personal fears by heading off into the unknown armed with a backpack and an airline ticket to face some of the most dangerous countries in the world.

A true traveller is not a backpacker, tourist or bum. A traveller is driven by a loud voice in their head screaming to feel alive. A traveller embraces life and takes up the challenge of facing uncertainty in an increasingly dangerous world. Often fighting against the social pressures and fears imposed on them by their family and friends. They eventually develop a false sense of security, believing that, if it all ends tomorrow then they have achieved more in a year than most people have achieved in a life time. These people have awoken from a deep sleep and emerged to face the world head on, witnessing firsthand the beauty, insanity and horrors that this truly unique planet has to offer.

Of course hearing voices in your head may ensure you have a first class ticket to the lunatic asylum, but it isn’t enough to make you take that all important leap of faith. Most travellers will admit that something life changing happened. An experience that changed their reality and perception of the future. For me, it was the sudden end of a ten year relationship blindsiding me on a Monday morning that pushed me through the doors of that airline office resulting in an adrenaline fuelled rollercoaster through some of the most diverse countries in the world.

The greatest innovation of the twenty first century is low cost air travel. Within a few minutes you can buy an airline ticket and head off anywhere in the world. There are no restrictions on where you can go, nor is it just for the elite, but most importantly its affordable. The moment you decide to embrace the challenge and buy a ticket you subconsciously take on the fears of others, fuelling your own paranoia of the life changing story that’s about to unfold. But deep down you know this will be an adventure, an adventure of a lifetime that will give you a thousand captivating stories to be told.

"For travel changes your soul, you will never be the same again."

We fly on the 10th March 2008 at 15:00


6th March 2008

all the best on your travels
I will be looking forward to reading your blogs about your adventure, while i am bored at work. Booo, work sucks big time! x:-)
10th March 2008

Have fun!!
Dan's ordered me to devote two hours each day to getting the random insult generator working on this blog, so you'll soon be getting some serious spam. Sorry in advance. Have fun in Delhi mate. "Chello chello" (don't how you spell it) is a phrase that I believe some people find useful, although personally I preferred, "No thank-you." :) Good luck!! Simon.
10th March 2008

Good Luck
Hi Darren and Glyn Good luck and best wishes on your travels, looks like a very full travel itinerey! I would recommend New Zealand, I was there for 2 months backpacking way back in 1980. Let me know if you see any good wildlife (animals not nightclubs). bye for now Steve
10th March 2008

All the best
Hope your 1st flight hasn't been cancelled.... with the weather and all that...
10th March 2008

Good stuff Darren, keep us all posted. ....where's Glyns blog? ; ) see you in Rio.
12th March 2008

That sound so cool!!!
Go for it Daz i wish you have a brilliant times safe and sound and enjoy your life.. can't wait to read your next blog..K xx
12th March 2008

The start of a amazing journey
Hi, guys Jimbo here..keep the blogs flowing enjoying the read.....cheers and take care....p.s Glyn has his uses.. :)

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