Tickled by a stranger on the bus AGAIN!

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March 27th 2004
Published: March 27th 2004
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I am safely back in York and happy to be here!! I can finally stop sharpening my elbows to defend myself against the throngs of people coming my way . . . yup, London can be a bit stressful at times! So can the bus rides - I have been tickled ON THE BUS by a complete stranger AGAIN! Yes, that's right - all my friends will remember that horror story of my bus ride to Cardiff last year when I was tickled by the Tom Jones look alike with more gold rings than fingers!! I actually had to tell him outright to stop tickling me (I did not think he would stop!! (which made me turn to the window and crack up with laughter because I never in my wildest dreams thought I would EVER have to tell a complete stranger on the bus to STOP TICKLING me!!) Anyways, it happened again -yup. Me. Tickled. On a bus. For the second time in a row. Keep this up I might win the world record of being spontaneously tickled on the bus by people you don't know!  . . . Though apart from the tickling, it was quite an enjoyable ride as the guy was actually quite amusing - we bet each other whether we would stop in Sheffield or not and the loser had to go to the front of the bus and do hamstring and quad stretches for all to see! Luckily, I won and he was the one to make a fool of himself! Then he tried to untie this kid's shoelace without her noticing. Needless to say, it was amusing and it made the 5 hours go quite quickly. (though he was most likely on drugs)
Well, in other news - the tour company did call me back but I had turned down the volume on my phone (cause I was on the bus)  and it was too late to call them when I got off the bus so I have the full weekend to agonize over whether or not I got the job . . . I keep going over and over all the interview questions and my responses (I was very nervous at the time and really truly feel that I could have done better but I'm sure they'll take that into account, and also you never know who you're up against, right? --- that's me - always the optimist!!) Anyways, I'm just going to try to enjoy my weekend as best as possible . .. I have a couple of leads for work in the meantime and am going to actively seek them out as I really really need to start earning some serious cash.
Well, till I write again . . . (PS: In case any of you were wondering, I have fully recovered from my near death flu/strep experience!! I can eat meals again - though I can't take bites out of apples or anything too crunchy . . . )


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