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August 1st 2011
Published: December 22nd 2011
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Ko TaoKo TaoKo Tao

Divers Paradise
So I came home... the trip that took me 768days to get from the Lebanon to Thailand via the Caucasus, Central Asia, passing over the High Pamirs into China and down into South East Asia. A wonderful little trip that took about 18hrs to reverse... sigh!

A plan had formed many moons ago that I would be sailing the Pacific and circumnavigating the world and many whom I travelled with may have heard me boasting of my plan. Especially those North and South Americans who I had promised to visit on the way home. To these people I apologize.

I realised that there are a few things of greater importance in life than a jaunt. My face reddens to think that I even considered continuing. I returned par avion to London but not before one massive blowout in Bangkok, if I could relate this story I am sure it would be really funny, sad, hopeful and inspiring, unfortunately I can't remember a second of it - I do believe someone made a film about it though.

My best friend mistook me for a hobo, my brother almost kicked me off his doorstep and my Mother said "oh! I
Bangkok NightoutBangkok NightoutBangkok Nightout

The only remaining photo
wasn't expecting you!". Whilst my Father made me pose in a bush to take a photo. I think my Sister was on the verge of slapping my Mother when she brought me round to hers. And my eldest brother greeted me with a "oh you, best come in then" Well, as you can see my family was overwhelmed and that reassured me that nothing had changed and everyone was fine!

The financial crisis seemed to be still the scapegoat for misery of the people and the failures of the government. Leaves on the track still delayed the 8.18 to London and pubs still served "warm" ale. A sigh of relief.

So what else can I say about my untravelling. I guess nothing much that you had come to this website for!

It's nice to see everyone and share the differences of our last two and a half year.

Special Mention to Charlie for giving me her car!

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