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June 25th 2011
Published: June 25th 2011
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It's time to really make a difference with this blog.
So I am half way through building the last minute itinerary for the trip.
Only half way into the list of places to visit when you realise that time is tight. Priority now, what to see and what to miss. Whale watching has now moved from doing it in Sydney to doing it in Brisbane.
Dose anybody have any feelings on that? Which is a better place to see them?

I am thinking that even though we have an itinerary, things will change when we arrive in the various cities. People will tell us, go here and there, use this tour company etc. So things are loose and changeable.

We booked a night visit to Alcatraz. The reviews read good and said 'it more eerie and an amazing view of San Francisco on the way back.

We struck off the climb over Sydney harbour bridge, at £138 a climb! I can think of better ways to spend my money. Our hostel on the 'Rocks' has a fantastic view of the harbour. Ok we will walk from one side to the other in compensation - well better than nothing.

I am getting quite excited now, time will fly away and then it's time for flying around the world.


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