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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Lancaster August 4th 2015

We arrived at a cold, grey Stansted airport and caught the Easybus that I had booked earlier to Old Street in London. I planned a walking route to Victoria Coach Station and once we arrived we were left with a generous 5 hours for the walk. The route took us through the Strand and Fleet St, passing Trafalgar Square and St. James Park. It was busy and exciting and, as always, the magnificent architecture and amazing spaces gave me a thrill. People were knocking off from work at 5pm and the crowds on The Strand became so thick that I had to make sure Tomas would find his way to the bus station alone if we happened to get separated. I had previously passed through London city twice in my lifetime but only for a day ... read more
St. James Park, London
A Castle near Lancaster
Cycling along the Canals

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Lancaster June 25th 2011

It's time to really make a difference with this blog. So I am half way through building the last minute itinerary for the trip. Only half way into the list of places to visit when you realise that time is tight. Priority now, what to see and what to miss. Whale watching has now moved from doing it in Sydney to doing it in Brisbane. Dose anybody have any feelings on that? Which is a better place to see them? I am thinking that even though we have an itinerary, things will change when we arrive in the various cities. People will tell us, go here and there, use this tour company etc. So things are loose and changeable. We booked a night visit to Alcatraz. The reviews read good and said 'it more eerie and ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Lancaster May 29th 2011

At long last, we have made it to Lancaster. The flight from Amsterdam to Manchester was a breeze, and our one night in the city was relaxing and fun. Since we were due to be home in a few short days, I thought it would be nice to ease back in to real life by having a dinner and a movie night. We had burgers and fries at the pub that was attached to the hostel that we stayed in, and went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean film. Saturday was set to be one of the busiest days of the year in England, apart from the Royal Wedding. Manchester United was to play Barcelona FC in the Champions League Final football/soccer match. Of course Manchester was already packed full of people when we ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Lancaster May 23rd 2011

We are heading into Lancaster to pick up Deb so she can come on the narrowboat so I thought I'd do some blogging and get you all up to date. 17 May - We got up in the morning and had a lovely breakfast at Beamish Hall. Mark had the full English of course and I had a continental. We packed up and headed to the Beamish Bird of Prey park. It was fantasic. We were only in for a few minutes and we got to hold a little owl. There was all sort of raptors in there and we walked around and checked them all out. Then about 11am we sat in the lawn area for the show. It was great.. there was only 4 of us to see the show so he did it ... read more
We were impressed with Bathroom at Beamish Hall
We were impressed with Bathroom at Beamish Hall
We were impressed with Bathroom at Beamish Hall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Lancaster May 21st 2011

Today I start my blog, well really it started last year when I first decided to go to OZ. After a great 50th birthday for a very good friend, Barbara made an interest in coming with me. Hooray, a like minded person who wants to travel. It wasn't until our summer reunion gathering that we made firmer commitments to travel together. By November 2011 after searching on the internet and chatting to travel agents, we made our booking for the flights. No going back now. Time wise, the travel is tight with just under 5 weeks to achieve. Barbara had to negotiate her time off, for me we get 6 weeks holiday anyway being school holidays. After in-depth research our plan was to fly into Australia via Sydney, to take a Greyhound bus around that would ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Lancaster April 20th 2011

You'll have to bear with me because I wrote this blog on paper while trying to keep from falling asleep on the train to Lancaster after 20+ hours without sleep. I made it!! After 22 hours of international travel, seeing a sunset (b)AND(b) a sunrise from the same airplane window, changing planes in a snowy country that is covered in lava, making friends with a girl in which I couldn't even pronounce her name, being mistaken for an Icelandic woman multiple times, being asked by a cranky lady in immigration, "How does an unemployed person like you afford to travel?", taking the London Underground for an hour, and catching a 3-hour train through the English countryside I (i)finally(i) got to see the beautiful face of Allie Friese. Wasn't that a sight for sore eyes? Let me ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Lancaster February 16th 2011

Hello everyone following this blog! I hope that in the next couple of months I will have some funny stories and brilliant experiences to share with you. However for the moment all I can say is that I am stressing, running round and packing and checking.... toothbush? Yep! Flights? Yep! Passport? Yep.... and so on. I am really excited and cant wait to go. Anyway, speak to you soon! Peace... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Lancaster February 15th 2011

Its finally the night before the great adventure into the unknown commences! I'm so excited, not sure I'll be able to sleep tonight! Everything is packed (just!) with a little help and my rucksack isn't too heavy, hopefully won't be too bad lugging it around! First few night's accomadation has been sorted with Chelsea (my cousin) which was really kind of her, though some would say foolish to agree to put up Alex and me! We arrive in Buenos Aires at 0850 local time on Thursday 17th with just each other and our backpacks, let the journey begin!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Lancaster March 23rd 2009

Hello there, this is just a very quick tester blog to check that all is working well. Bye x... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Lancaster December 2nd 2008

Encore moi, he oui! La semaine a passé tellement vite c’est fou. Avec toutes les leçons que j’ai eu à préparer et à donner + les cours particuliers, je n’ai rien vu aller. Je ne sais pas si je vous ai parlé de mes cours particuliers… Bien, une ancienne élève de l’école a contacté ma tutrice le mois dernier parce qu’elle voulait rafraîchir son français avant d’aller travailler en Suisse. Donc, nous nous sommes rencontrées et je la vois 2 heures par semaine. C’est pas trop pire, en plus je charge £10 de l’heure. Mais ouf… on m’avait dit qu’elle avait besoin de pratiquer un peu, mais la vérité est plutôt que son français est inexistant. Je serais tellement paniquée si j’étais elle et que je devais aller travailler dans un pays étranger où je ne ... read more
Le derriere du chateau
Fish 'n chips
Le soir tombe

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