Travelling around the world this year with a friend in summer 2011

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Lancaster June 25th 2011

It's time to really make a difference with this blog. So I am half way through building the last minute itinerary for the trip. Only half way into the list of places to visit when you realise that time is tight. Priority now, what to see and what to miss. Whale watching has now moved from doing it in Sydney to doing it in Brisbane. Dose anybody have any feelings on that? Which is a better place to see them? I am thinking that even though we have an itinerary, things will change when we arrive in the various cities. People will tell us, go here and there, use this tour company etc. So things are loose and changeable. We booked a night visit to Alcatraz. The reviews read good and said 'it more eerie and ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Morecambe June 5th 2011

I need to start thinking about individual city itineraries. I have a list of places and things to do in a hotch potch notebook. I started with my first destination Hong Kong and I was amazed how hard it is going to be to fit all I want to do. I need to make some sacrifices. Four days of sightseeing all jotted down, but they are also very weather dependent. Hong Kong, rains, humidity and I hope no shakes or other.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Lancaster May 21st 2011

Today I start my blog, well really it started last year when I first decided to go to OZ. After a great 50th birthday for a very good friend, Barbara made an interest in coming with me. Hooray, a like minded person who wants to travel. It wasn't until our summer reunion gathering that we made firmer commitments to travel together. By November 2011 after searching on the internet and chatting to travel agents, we made our booking for the flights. No going back now. Time wise, the travel is tight with just under 5 weeks to achieve. Barbara had to negotiate her time off, for me we get 6 weeks holiday anyway being school holidays. After in-depth research our plan was to fly into Australia via Sydney, to take a Greyhound bus around that would ... read more

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