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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Tonbridge August 15th 2014

1/9/14 Fly Heathrow to JFK1/9/14 til 8/9/14 stay at AirBNB co Sam Barber in Manhattan 8/9/14 train NY to Niagara Canada8/9/14 til 10/9/14 stay at Mahren House B and B in Niagara 10/9/14 train overnight Niagara to Chicago via Buffalo11/9/14 til 13/9/14 stay at AirBNB co Victoria Vargas 13/8/14 train overnight Chicago to Flagstaff14/9/14 til 15/9/14 stay at Grand Canyon Hostel Flagstaff 15/9/14 til 19/9/14 stay at Bright Angel Lodge Cabins 19/9/14 train overnight to LA20/9/14 til 23/9/14 stay at AirBNB co Stephanie Schwarz in Hollywood23/9/14 til 7/10/14 travelling in Wicked Camper Van up through Californian National Parks. 7/10/14 til 10/10/14 stay at AirBNB co Francisco and Jose in San Francisco 10/10/14 til 16/10/14 travelling in Wicked Camper Van down the Pacific Highway California. 16/10/14 til 19/10/14 stay at AirBNB co Matthew in Venice Beach 19/10/14 ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Tonbridge August 15th 2014

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Tonbridge February 4th 2013

Testing, testing, 1, 2, testing... So since I fly to Thailand tomorrow evening I thought I should probably check I know how to post something on here from the comforts of my own bedroom, instead of trying to figure it out in some hectic internet cafe in Bangkok. So far, so good. I think. I have had a cracking last few days saying my goodbyes to friends and family, they even made me a cake! I will miss them all immensely. I have to say though I am somewhat concerned that pretty much every single 'have a great time' is annexed with something along the lines of 'and watch out for the ladyboys!' Unfortunately, I don't think it is within social ettiquette to be checking anyones genital areas for suspicious bulges so I will just have ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Tonbridge August 31st 2011

On Saturday we fly to Kuala Lumpur to begin a trip which could easily last over a year and yet today I've spent all of my productive time working on the patio. Seems a bit strange. Maybe I would've been better employed writting a few lists or making some of the incredibly important calls to cancel direct debits and car insurance, to name but a few. Not to worry, it'll all be fine. That's what I keep telling myself....... read more

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