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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hertfordshire » Stevenage January 28th 2012

Hola! I am currently sitting in the very exotic study, in the very exotic Stevenage, in the very exotic England. It is cold... and it is dark. But I am sure you are desperate to know what I've been doing in the last week, so now I shall dutifully update you on my last week in Chile. After another overnight bus I arrived in Valparaiso, potentially the coolest city on Earth. The journey itself was less exciting than some of my others, although I did meet a very nice lady who lives in Valparaiso. As I'd heard some rather worrying stories about the city, I asked for her opinion on whether it was a dangerous place or not. She advised me that if I take taxis and 'have a strong faith in God' then I would ... read more
Artwork in Valparaiso

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hertfordshire » Stevenage January 1st 2012

Hola amigos! So this is my first blog... mostly to test it out. Currently strugging to 'select a location' which travel blog tells me is 'required' in order for me to publish this blog... Had a very sober new years' eve last night but, regardless, it was a lot of fun. There were a couple of slightly emotional goodbyes at the end which may have been a little OTT as I'll be back in a month! Hehe. At the moment I am writing this from sunny Stevenage. According to AccuWeather it will be about 31 degrees in Santiago when I arrive. I am slightly concerned that I might melt. I've got almost everything packed and ready (or so I hope!) so I should be good to leave for Heathrow in an hour or so. EXCITING TIMES. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hertfordshire » Stevenage December 5th 2010

This British regional thing has been keeping us interested. Each county with its own particular, even peculiar, character. Constantly changing accents and, when you cross one of the actual country boundaries – the ones with somewhat separate governments – you even get a different language. Scotland is working hard to bring Gaelic back, although you might wonder why, and there are Welsh people who, I am informed by my language advisors, never did learn to speak much English, although I have a sneaking suspicion that it is really all about taking a bog standard word and adding squads of consonants. Take LLLs and WWWs out and the poor buggers couldn't spell anything. We drove into Wales the day after their Prince or, to be more precise, his son – who is apparently William of Wales – ... read more
Llanberis main street
Welsh road 1
Welsh road 2

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hertfordshire » Stevenage February 20th 2009

We're home now, arrived on Friday 27th Feb 2009, slightly longer journey home than expected but we got here safe and sound, after being away for 353 days and visiting 13 countries and 3 Continents. We have enjoyed every minute and wish we could do it all over again (never say never!) We have met some great people along the way, heard lots of funny stories and it will stay with us forever! Thank you to everyone for putting up with all my spelling mistakes and all the boring bits but most of all reading our blogs throughout the year. Lots of Love Stu & Lisa xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx ... read more
Stu saying his farewells to mable
Nice LARGE peppers!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hertfordshire » Stevenage September 8th 2007

The prospect of going to England to see Andrew and Sue was exciting for us, as it had been almost twelve months since we said good-bye to them on Mallorca, and also because we had never before been to England, and were looking forward to greenery, clean air and blue skies! It was great to see Andrew’s smiling face when we at last got through customs at Heathrow when we arrived. Sue and her friend Christina were still in Cardiff, her graduation from Cardiff University having taken place the day before. Andrew drove us back to the house where he and Sue are renting a room from a young man who has a partner expecting a baby within a couple of months. They moved out into her place for the duration of our stay. The house ... read more
London Eye
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hertfordshire » Stevenage August 10th 2007

Well, just to finish off our blog in style, we thought we'd let you know how our first few weeks back home have panned out...... Av managed to get himself employed as an electrician within a couple of weeks of being home and is thoroughly enjoying his new career. HMRC R.I.P!! Suzz has found herself a Finance Managers position with a small, recently established company much closer to home and has been there for 4 weeks now. Our trip already feels like a distant memory as we've settled back in to life in the UK like we'd never been away. Finally, on a trip to the town of Hitchin a few weekends ago, there was a World Music Festival on and who should be head-lining but the Samba band, MonoBloco, who we'd originally seen back when ... read more
Monobloco play Hitchin Town Square

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hertfordshire » Stevenage February 17th 2007

OK, well here goes! This is the beginning of the next 113 days of our lives - to be spent living out of backpacks and travelling around South America. After an extremely early start (3.30am!) we headed off to Heathrow and our flight to Rio, via Washington DC & Sao Paulo. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hertfordshire » Stevenage January 14th 2006

Ok, one more day to go...argh! I booked my ticket about 4 months ago and it has come around so quickly...but i can't wait. Just doing last minute things today before i meet up with some friends later and say good bye (as well as getting slightly drunk!) The next time i post a msg i'll be some where in south east asia which just seems crazy right now when at the moment i am sitting in my PJ's in a feezing cold room! Take care everyone and i'll keep you all updated about my whereabouts!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hertfordshire » Stevenage March 16th 2005

Well it's 6 days to go and I've not re-arranged the standing orders or direct debits. Just struggled through Bloggs Banco On-Line registration and now have to wait 3 working days to get my pin through the post. How many days a week do banks work ! Added to that my Globetrotter Titanium credit card with 5 years interest free credit has not arrived either. Maybe manyana.... read more

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