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March 23rd 2006
Published: March 23rd 2006
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Spinaker Tower Spinaker Tower Spinaker Tower

Only a few years overdue
I came back with the intention of seeing as many of my friends and family as I could and after landing and arriving back in Portsmouth for a few days staying with my friend Craig, Rob and Kev they have been putting up with me boring them about how life is out there etc.

I then went to see Omar, Charlie, Jackee and Mike and the rest of the gang in Somerset to get some well needed cider.

Charlie did not know I was coming home and got a little bit of a shock as it was her 21st birthday when I came back. A wild party was had with half of Somerset turning up to Wivvy Rugby club for the do that saw a guest apperance by Michael Jackson in the form of a pensioner. After spending a few days in the hospitable company of M and J it was time to head back to Portsmouth to see my friends.

The usual mad night out took place with me easy slipping back into life as if I had never left and for some reasons it did feel like I had not left and certain things seemed very fresh in my mind and caused me to have a rather silly night out that ended a bit abruptly.Thats the way things happen I guess and we get ourselves into these situations because we want to or we are meant to....who knows I will let time tell.

Being in the house drives me mad and I find myself walking around Portsmouth a lot looking at things I have never taken much of a interest in before. There is so much naval history here and I guess you take things for granted when you are in one place for so long and become blinded to what places have to offer as they are on your doorstep.

I have been back in the UK for just over two weeks now and I look around at my friends and others going about their normal lifes just wishing you could give them a a moment to see what the rest of the world has to offer. When you are here it seems so normal doing the same thing everyday living for the weekend and I really cannot imagine doing that again.

I myself am still without my problems as grand as life is at the moment there are demons and emotions that still haunt me, I have come to the conclusion that going away has not solved some of these issues for me but simply buried them in my brain and heart waiting to be stirred and stoked at the appropriate (or wrong as is usually the case) time.
Until then here are a few photos for everyone who has not been to Portsmouth

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Old PortsmouthOld Portsmouth
Old Portsmouth

Looking out towards Old Portsmouth and the Point
Southsea BeachSouthsea Beach
Southsea Beach

This water does not look as inviting as Thailand

23rd March 2006

My wrucy!!!
Wha you no love me no more wha you want from me? I look after you col and confuwsed,come rest your head in my lap. Me love you long time
23rd March 2006

Same same but different...
Greetings from very F...... gold Estonia-I will stay here , found a job.
23rd March 2006

His eyes wide open
Great photos, mate. Enjoy your time in the UK, once you hit the Gold Coast it'll be a fair bit before you feel any need to go home.
24th March 2006

G'day ya mangrel
Get out while you can, burn any return ticket you might have mate. I was stupid enough to dive here again a few weeks ago, 5 degrees in Stoney Cove. F*ck that! Shat nuan doesn't seem so bad after all...
24th March 2006

Greetings from cold and cloudy Missouri
Well, I made it back home myself.......... barely........... I wrecked my rental car on the drive from L.A. to Missouri. (not a scratch!) I'm ready to move on already and get away from this godforsaken weather. I'll be heading to Indianapolis in a couple weeks to remodel a house and make a little more travel cash. Then it's off to............hmmm not sure yet. Oh well, life is an adventure! I can be contacted at Take Care!
24th March 2006

Why you up in my grill???
Am I one of those 'demons' that will haunt you for some time??? Don't make this place sound so good, if you take away all the sex, drugs, sun and fun it's really not all that good... Can't wait to give you a warm embrace upon your return B.
25th March 2006

I'm feelin your pain big man, we have been back for over two months we just sit rocking at night waiting for our money to build up so we can make loike sheep and get the flock out of here! love soap
26th March 2006

nearly in tears
bruce hurry up back we,ve got are shoulders ready for you to have a weep on ;) see ya in 2 week.
26th March 2006

i not have lady day
het sexy chocolate man, when you come thailand, i not know if you remember me....... 1 o clock afternoon, 30 baht short time---- so i am due in about 2 months my parents say u must marry me first hurry back with big money, my legs quiver with anticipation as u can tell those english class you buy for me are helping mahk mahk also please shave so they do not hold you at immagration bye boocuy my dakling
26th March 2006

how you do buce
hello i miss you long time baby you say you go 1 weeks why you lie i sleep lonely hoep you miss me to why you ignore see you
19th April 2006

J I 2 G A
hey bruce sorry i missed you in plopps portsmouth but im busy in hawaii still!! so come see me your only 8 hours away hate to say i told ya so about uk and its inhabitants but hey 3 words yeah? d2 out..

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