Its been a year with no job how does it feel

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July 30th 2006
Published: July 30th 2006
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"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once and a while, you could miss it."

Its a very strange feeling to be honest you really do have to give so much up to realise what is important in life and what is not. I would never have imagined this time last year that I would be back in Portsmouth but thats the way of the world I guess. So what have I learnt from all this apart from having a job is a huge hurdle to actually living and seeing the world.

The people I have met along the way have been some of the most friendliest, down to earth and decent people I could wish to meet the only problem is now where do you meet those types in your home town or country the randomness of just talking to that person in a lounge in a hostel somewhere is gone and possibly very difficult to replicate in everyday life....talking to someone completely random in a pub in Portsmouth likely to end in some funny looks or knowing this place a ruck! 😊.

I have some plans to catch up with
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Chris and I a year ago both still working
new friends that I have met along the way, the people you meet away are for the majority of it all likeminded as we are all away in these countries for similar reasons usually or somtimes as in Thailand there are so many other reasons that these people visit certain areas.

Where would I return to well Thailand for sure and anywhere in the area it is a amazing place and has so much to offer in the way of culture, activities and diversity it also helps it is amazingly cheap for us Brits.

New Zealand is a return destination for sure I must go back there to see the South Island and experience all that the place has to offer. The people here are so friendly and the landscapes are breathtaking.

Hawai'i is a must return to go and sit on the North Shore again and see the waves in winter, it has everything you can want if you like America but head to the North Shore and experience Halewia and its a different ball game so chilled out.

Everyone I have met and everything I have done over the last year has had some
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Chris and I sitting in Honolulu What a difference
sort of effect or influence over me in some way and I hope that I have maybe had a influence on some people too. Its strange I expected to be more sad or depressed than this maybe it has not hit home I don't know but I feel confident about what is happening and happy that I am home and starting a new chapter. There is nothing that you can buy or any holiday that will replace the experience that being away from home, loved ones and friends will give you it is a once in a lifetime chance for some and for some people they will never get to some of the places that some people including myself have travelled to and shown us on this site. One thing that is hard to swallow is every moment that you felt when being away cannot be replicated again it was a feeling that you maybe had by yourself or you shared with someone you may never see again but on the other hand that is such a great feeling in itself that you did do the things that are out of the ordinary.

This site does exactly what its says on the tin "Free Inspiraton" I used to look at this site wondering what these people's lifes were like now I feel part of it.

I am unsure of my future plans but it must involve going away again soon 6-8 months time I hope but we will see what happens...........I will keep writing my blogs as long as I have something interesting to say but that might be never I hear some of you say.

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30th July 2006

cheers mate i look fat and you look skinny......!! hey more time on camp food and youd be fat too!!! hope it all goes well in scotland for ya ill be comming to visit soon cheers for comming out here like everyone says they actually did.was great to hang out on the north shore...brah..!!
31st July 2006

What about your favorite american
Hey man sucks that your back hope you figure out what your going to do soon and make that trip back here to Thailand. I may be going to Taiwan to teach english and make some money for a year or so. Good luck and keep in touch with me and for god sake. JONNNY GET IN THE FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX HOLLLLLLLEEEE> BROCK GET THE TOFFES> HILDRETH GET DOWNNNNNNNNNN>
31st July 2006

Wat up B?
"You will be the same person you are today that you will be 5 years from now except for the places that you see and the people that you meet" Experiences and the people that you share them with is what makes life most interesting. You certainly made an impact on me (all that sinning and drinking you made me do, and don't get me started on that massage parlor in Cambodia) Do keep in touch, if more brits were like you maybe we wouldn't have had to leave your little island so long ago.... Keep it real.
31st July 2006

It aint that bad
Yo bruce, i got ur new mobile number, we'll have to meet up soon. let me know if you want some instructor work to keep you ticking over.

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