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July 23rd 2006
Published: July 24th 2006
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Today is time to face the reality of it all and head back home for a little bit, I have had an amazing time in Oahu and this is one place that will definitely be on my list to return to one day hopefully the winter to see the huge waves of Waimea Bay.

A big thank you to everyone at Camp: Barry (thanks for sticking your neck out for me) Chris (we always making shit happen when we get together and keep diving) Morgan (can’t wait to spend more time with you) Brian “Bacon” C and “Hot” Julie, Bridget (word of the day will be sent) Sarah ( 52 Reasons why you should sell the car) Anyone else that has the fortune to read this from camp….Thanks you all made the place what it is!!!

It has been amazing to see Chris and this is the first time in since Pattaya really that I have been sad about leaving people behind staying in one place for 6 weeks gets you closer to people and you have more of a bond than two days in a hostel somewhere. I spent the last few days just chilling out and shopping down in Waikiki. Morgan, Chris and I went to Bubba Gump’s for lunch which for those that don’t know is a restaurant chain based around the film Forrest Gump. Great food and nice little touches all around that are from the film it’s a film geek paradise!

Its hard to quantify how I feel at the moment but I am sure that when I get home I will let you all know needless to say seeing Chris has been so good and being away from home you quickly realise what people in your life really matter and what they mean to you, meeting in Hawaii with Chris has been unforgettable and something that we hope to repeat in Thailand next year. I will leave the ultra dramatic entry to my diary until I get home.

So for all those that said they would keep in touch please do and you never know when our paths that will cross again.


24th July 2006

oahu north shore brah!
what can i say ...im just off to the big island litrally..going back to the same airport i just dropped you off at 12 hours ago.hope you have a safe flight.its been great having you here learning to dive was unforgettable...recreational diving being my favorite ...i learnt i need a buddy at sharks cove!!!!!! keep on moving man . may the force be with you....d2
24th July 2006

requesting fly-by
Have a safe flight! See you soon dude. Foote
30th July 2006

Hey Brother
Just catching up on you travel blog here mate. It is quite different without ya here, to say the least, I hope reality is treating you well. Training is going pretty good here, a bunch more people will be taking off soon. Keep the blogs coming and save up some scratch, we will cross paths before too long. - Brian Hey Bruce..."hot" Julie here...hope all is well back home, good luck in Ireland, i'm sure that will keep you busy! keep in touch, don't work too hard...

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