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April 3rd 2010
Published: April 3rd 2010
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I'm trying to keep the map somewhat up to date.

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1: dude playing the didgeridoo...amazingly 71 secs
tower bridgetower bridgetower bridge

The famouse tower bridge, while we were boating down the Thames river.
I feel like the classic American tourist with starry eyes and camera around my neck. Even though it has rained on and off ever since I got here, and I had a bit of jet lag, I have been a diligent tourist. I went to Parliament, big ben, the London eye, St. Paul's Cathedral, a few museums, a cheeky English pub, a wine bar, great coffe shops and I road a double decker bus, the tube, and a boat down the Thames AND I went to Stonehenge! I Feel like there is so much to write about that it is almost overwhelming so I will just focus on a few things.

First of all, I am staying with a friend of mine from Idaho Falls, Anna, and her boyfriend James and they have been very gracious hosts and I really appreciate their hospitality. Anna and I went to Religious Education together since we were like 5, and interestingly we are both not very religious anymore. James is from London and quite hilarious. In fact, I believe that it is law that you must have a sense of humor in order to be called English, . They are all so damn
Paul and St PaulPaul and St PaulPaul and St Paul

I had to get a picture of St. Paul's cathedral. I'm so Vain.
funny, and I can't get over how great their accents are. And people-watching is a wonderful sport here, especially on the subway. Everyone rides the tube and their are trains going everywhere and anywhere every three to five minutes. I would hate to drive in london because the traffic is insane and most drivers have no regard for other cars or pedestrians. London is such a diverse and integrated city, which is a wonderful change from Idaho Falls, where I will occasionally see one of the six black people in town.

Anna and I went to this wine bar called Gordon's which had a very cool atmosphere because most of the seating was in a dark brick cave lit by candles. We ordered a couple glasses of Bordeaux of which they put in TINY glasses and filled to the top. I was abhored! Anna told me that most English would argue that is the proper way to drink a glass of wine which I might respond with a slap in their face with my glove. There is NO way you can get the full potential from the wine in a tiny glass. I'm not extremely picky about using the
The london EyeThe london EyeThe london Eye

The London Eye is like a ferris wheel but is only connected on one side
correct glass for the correct wine (they have different glasses for every varietal) but a four ounce glass is simply unacceptable. And the wine was just sub-par (or was it the glass that only made it seem that way?). Nonetheless, we had a good time.

The video that is posted is a of this guy who was playing the didgeridoo in the subway and he was amazing! He was doing this cool harmonica sounding thing that I have never heard on the didge (anyone who sort of knows this instrument knows how good this guy is). Hopefully the sound quality is OK.

Last night we went to an area of London called Covent Garden which had lots of cool bars and restaurants. By the way, they have urinals on the sidewalks! I love this place! Anyways, aside from my urinal excitement, went to a traditional English pub where I got a pint of Samuel Smith Stout, and then we went to a Korean BBQ place for some delicious food, and then we ended up at a bar that played lots of 90's music that everyone knew the words to. I was surprised that all the music was American,
lighted christmas treelighted christmas treelighted christmas tree

When I saw this, I started freaking out, saying that is the most intense Street light ever! how would you know which light is yours? Anna looked at me strangely and said in a 'you're an idiot voice' ''uh that's art'. I am an idiot.
but I guess it kind of makes sense. I grew up listening to all of these songs, and apparently everyone else in the bar did as well.

Today we took a train to James' Parents' house out in the English countryside where they will be staying for Easter. I have to leave in the morning to catch my train to France, but I thought it would be fun to see the more rural side of England. And just my luck, they live 4 minutes from Stonehenge. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to go to Stonehenge, and I didn't think it was feasible. But as you can see in the pictures, I can check this one off my bucket list.

Anyways, I am off to La Fleche, France tomorrow to start on my first farm. I'm very excited. I don't know if they have internet at their house, so it might be difficult to blog until I get to Cognac on the 13th. I'll let you know. ha.

Peace and love

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Parliament is a badass building. Period.
Big BenBig Ben
Big Ben

I did not know until this very moment, that big ben was attached to parliament
Anna and the King...and Paul.Anna and the King...and Paul.
Anna and the King...and Paul.

Well, I guess there is no king in Parliament is there. just another stupid pun of mine.
St, Paul'sSt, Paul's
St, Paul's

St. Paul's Cathedral up close. I went inside but it was Good Friday and were not allowing any pictures to be taken. It was cool inside though

St. Pauls again. there was some cool light coming through the clouds and I didn't want to miss it so I shoved half of an egg sandwich in my mouth which explains the bulge in my cheek.
Stonehenge Stonehenge

Stonehenge and the usual goofy smile.

12th April 2010

i LOVE covent garden!! all the street performers and crazy things..i'm so glad you went! i seriously want to comment on every single thing i've read but then i'll just look like a crazy stalker of my "dancing" traveling European paul friend ;) lol but im SOO glad you got to go to Stonhenge! most amazing place ever! AND THAT GUY ON THE DIDGE WAS AMAZING!!

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