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October 7th 2006
Published: October 7th 2006
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Have successfully infiltrated the Baker & McKenzie netball team - am now nearly a regular - as well as another team that I subbed for once and have now played for for the last three weeks. At the moment it is an outdoor comp (moving to an indoor venue at the end of October). The last two weeks have played in the rain - apparently they only stop for lightning and ice - possibly the reason for my cough and sore throat that won’t go away. It’s a good comp, with beers in the pub after the game, generally friendly competition and OK umpires. Will be playing in a tournament on the 21st. Interesting setup - it’s indoor, 5 a side, and after each goal your team gets, your players change position - I can imagine a LOT of offsides!!!

The weather has turned, and it is starting to get colder. By all accounts, it's easy to manage until January - at which time it just starts to seem neverending (something to look forward to).

Am still job hunting - have seen a number of crap recruiters, but have now found one that is actually doing something, and have applied to a bunch of mid-size firms. Now waiting to hear back - so fingers crossed.

Have been to see a show - for free - connections, connections. A friend of mine works in the entertainment industry and sometimes gets offers for free tix to shows. The show was called ‘Daddy Cool’ - based on the music by Boney M (a Eurodance, pop, and disco group, comprised four West Indian singers and dancers and masterminded by German record producer Frank Farian, and who were successful during the 1970s They had such hits as Rivers of Babylon and Brown Girl in the Ring- thanks Wikepedia) and Frank Farin (the creator of Boney M and the bloke behind the Milli Vanilli scandal). Daddy Cool tells the story of Sunny, a young man who lives for his music. Caught up in local rivalry between East and West London crews, he meets and falls in love with Rose, daughter of the East End’s notorious club owner Ma Baker. Echoing Romeo and Juliet, the lovers’ relationship fuels the hostility between the two gangs, leaving their families face to face with past secrets and forcing them to confront their future. Essentially the musical was lots of songs, with not much plot in between (more so than most musicals), lots of energy and a few ‘car-crash’ moments. It had an all-star cast - a villain from East Enders, a former So Solid Crew (UK garage band)member and and ex-UK Popstars member and Eurovision contestant. However, the highlight for me was the inclusion of Milli Vanilli songs in the musical - 3!!! What a blast from the past (I had forgotten that they had more than one hit!).

Have also hung out with my brother a fair bit. He’s found somewhere to stay on a barge on the Thames, which is pretty cool. Still working my way through the many free London Musuems and sights - so plenty to keep me busy!


18th December 2006

Bring on Eurovision
Weren't Bony M winners of Eurovision?

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