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October 6th 2006
Published: October 6th 2006
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OK - so there are a few strange/annoying things about London. Have decided to keep a list (to remind me when I start thinking these things are normal!!). List is in no particular order re level of annoyingness.

I am sure there are more, but that is all that I can think of at the moment.


9th October 2006

This list represents a small portion of the types of things we warned you about before you embarked on this futile adventure. Please come home and stop wasting cyberspace.
9th October 2006

I told you so
I told you so. But it was your DREAM to experience all of these things wasn't it? Is it your DREAM to freeze for the next 6 months?
15th October 2006

Ok so you clowns were right
no need to rub it in
18th December 2006

Watch out for briefcases
You might either want to join in the general rush of people swarming up/down the stairs at Tube stations or keep clear of businessmen doing the 5 minute mile with their brief cases. I was knee-capped.

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