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September 17th 2006
Published: September 17th 2006
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I met up with the lads in London after a delayed flight from Glasgow. I was lead to the hostel room and was hit with a smell that was so rancid it nearly made me throw up. The corner of the room was wet so there was constant smell of wet carpet that we nick named the COS (Corner of Stench) After seeing most of their desired sights the day before, we only saw a few extra things. One thing we did see that I hadn't seen before was Abbey Road. We did the obligitory walk across the road while dodging the insane english drivers who seem sick to death of bloody aussie tourists trying to salvage a glimpse of the past. We made several attempts but we finally got one decent shot. We had plans to go to a local club that night but after finding out the cover charge was 20 pound, we gave it a miss. Az, Shane and Matt were keen though and emptied their wallets at the door. They stumbled back to the room about 6am so apparently it was ok. We're going to see a few extra things today then fly to Amsterdam tomorrow. Sorry
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A pic in our hostel
this is a quick blog but the rest should be better. We're going to be seeing a fair bit so there should be plenty of stories to tell.

Until then PEACE CAMO!

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21st September 2006

The famous walk
Great to see you boy's tring to bo what the beetles did all those years ago having been their and trying the same photo I know what you went through to get this picture BUT either AZ or Matt behind had to be bare footed see you in Munich. Dad

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