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September 20th 2006
Published: September 21st 2006
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The line to go through security at the airport was enormous. In fact it was so big that there was even a waiting area to get on to the end of the line. We cruised through eventually and after a short flight, we arrived in Amsterdam. We caught the train into the centre and away we walked to our hostel. The smell of marijuana fills the air and sex shop after sex shop is an overwhealming sight. We hike through the seedy streets, cross the hundreds of canals while dodging thousands of push bikes. We dumped our stuff at the hostel and went down stairs to the bar where happy hour was in full swing. Too many beers later, we went out to experience what pretty much every tourist comes here to do. The famous Coffee Shop. OK there is discrepancy here. There are Cafes and Coffee Shops. A Cafe is just a regular Cafe but a Coffee Shop is not exactly for coffee. It was a bizarre sight to see the liberal laws allowing people to do what they like. We found a few bars and stuff and had a big night.

The next day we indulged in a few seedy highlights. The Sex Museum was the first call. A melange of photographs, videos and mannequins depicting all aspect of the crazy european sex industry. It was crazy to see pornographic pictures even dating back to the late 1800's. We also took a short stroll through a few alleys full of sex shops and gay bars.

To avoid a visit of total sleezyness, we did take nice trip on a canal boat. The scenery was pretty nice with more push bikes than I have ever imagined.

The deboruchery continued that night with the grand pub crawl. Of course at 20 Euro, I didn't think it was worth it, especially being the sausage fest that it was. Shane, Amanda and I headed out anyways and hit a few cool places. After a while Steve got sick of the sausage fest aswell so joined our little group for a bit. The night carried on with all sorts of activites that can't be printed on this site. Shane and I did, however, check out the extra seedy Red Light District at around 3:30am. It was quite a sight to see street after street of red lights hanging over glass doors occupied by women wearing very little shaking their stuff.

We headed out of Amsterdam the next day with help our latest trip companion, the 7 seater Peugeot. It was very difficult to figure out exactly which part of the airport we picked it up from but we did finally get a man to pick us up. I use the term "man" loosely as it was more of a scary mix of long hair, long finger nails, high heels and a deep voice. The road stretches out and after a short few hours, we cross the non-existant border of Belgium. Please view the next blog.

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Canal sideCanal side
Canal side

On our canal trip
Savouring every momentSavouring every moment
Savouring every moment

On our canal trip

They look after them well
"I've caught fish bigger than this!""I've caught fish bigger than this!"
"I've caught fish bigger than this!"

Shane measures a local car

Yer there is no hiding it here

Yer there is no hiding it here
Street pisserStreet pisser
Street pisser

Nothing classier than a toilet in the street in Amsterdam
The craneThe crane
The crane

We got seriously bored waiting for the car to come back
The CarThe Car
The Car

Shane does the sex car pose

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