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May 26th 2011
Published: May 26th 2011
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A380 fun centreA380 fun centreA380 fun centre

In every seat!!
Travel Blog – 26 May update.

Well, today we got ourselves re-connected to the www so time to post an update.

Usual pre journey problems occurred at home. 2 Hours prior to leaving for airport, I noticed pool filter leaking. Ducked up to pool shop to get new “o” ring for coupling. Undid the coupling and the whole F’n thing fell in two about a zillion pieces. It is only 19 years old…

Back up to see Russell, he had required fitting and I had a few sockets and (amazingly) the right size pipe at home, so a quick re-route of the plumbing, PVC primer and cement – all back together – good as new, 10 mins to spare. Off to airport woohoo.

After around 26 hours of travel with about 19 of them in 3 separate airplanes we arrived London town Tuesday lunchtime.

The trip over was painful to Singapore cos we flew Jetstar. I was pondering on that flight how backward air travel was going re comfort in lieu of cost. Then we flew to Dubai on Emirates on one of their A380s and I realised the problem was that majority of our travel
Home in LondonHome in LondonHome in London

Bob an Reta's home in Feltham
had always been Qantas and Jetstar. (Emirates fare was nearly ½ that of Qantas!!) I was floored by the level of service and comfort provided by Emirates. Fantastic – what a polished airline they are. The 380 is a great piece of work. So much on board info and entertainment, Kate was disappointed when our 14 hours of Emirates flight came to an end. A bit of touch and go with the volcanic ash, but it had kept itself to Northern England, so Heathrow was still fine.

We slept pretty well on the Emirates legs and so weren’t too tired when we arrived. Managed to keep awake till about 8.30pm and slept like babies till 7.30. Bewdy – got the jet lag licked!! Spent all day yesterday in the city taking in the sights and sounds. Been 30 years since I was last here and it was reasonably familiar. The air was notably less polluted than I remembered it was in ’81 from transport fumes. London seems to be quite proactive in clean public transport and the eco message is strong here. Hats off to them. The traffic congestion is something else tho. Motorbikes can legally lane split and

Our next vehicle to London. A380
use bus lanes, something Aust should learn from!!

Weather yesterday was glorious. Full sunshine all day – max 22 degrees. Perfect. Today is overcast, cooler and occasional rain. We’ve been shopping for technology to get a sim for margi and a wireless dongle for macbookpro.

Tomorrow we’ll catch the train North to just out of Coventry where we’ve booked ourselves into a nice quaint hotel. Will visit Margie’s uncle Tom (or take him to Dinner) and work out where our next destination will be. I didn’t like London much when I was here in ’81. This time I’m loving it. The history is fantastic. Something lost on me when I was 19. So we’ve got the next 5 days travelling around England before catching train to France. I’ll try and upload a few pics and keep updating this blog as we go.
Bill, Margi and Kate. (26 May 2011 – 1.39pm – London time)

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Dubai Airport

Kate's already lost all sense of time with the choice.
London EyeLondon Eye
London Eye

We went on this.
Pus catsPus cats
Pus cats

Kate liked Trafalar
London weatherLondon weather
London weather

Glorious weather.
Houses of ParliamentHouses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament
London Eye.London Eye.
London Eye.

A happy tourist

Shows that London needs rain.
Me and KateMe and Kate
Me and Kate

Westminster area
National GalleryNational Gallery
National Gallery

National Gallery

Pod next to ours.
Trafalgar squareTrafalgar square
Trafalgar square

Nelson's column

Palooma and Blossom liked Dubai

Palooma and Blossom liked Trafalgar!!

Waiting for Obama's motorcade to pass.

Travelators are welcome...

Soo old and soo beautiful
Tower BridgeTower Bridge
Tower Bridge

Just wide enough to fit my head through
More TrafalgarMore Trafalgar
More Trafalgar

A nice day for it

From the Eye

27th May 2011

Look-n good
Love the piccies. Keep them coming and I won't need to take a holiday. Guess what. We were 19c this morning too. almost the same as your day time temp. Are these all mobile up-loads? can't wait for next blog. Keep safe and have a ball.
27th May 2011

blog is fantastic
Great photos, nearly as good as being on holidays with you. Showed Millie and she just turned away, loves me now haha.
30th May 2011

Nice blogging. Will watch with interest if the standard is maintained. Sounds "all good" for you. Bike in to precision today and hopefully back at end of week.

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