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May 14th 2006
Published: May 14th 2006
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Hi all.

Well we haven't been up to much, but we are away to York (North East England) next weekend for the Bank Holiday/long weekend. It's just been nice in general recently with the weather (mostly) getting warmer, & all the spring flowers coming out around the place.

Ealing has certainly proved itself as a nice place to be in at this time of the year, & we are much happier there. Our new flatmates Phill & Karla are both from New Zealand, & Karla & her boyfriend Usman are off to the Maldives today for a week. Lucky for some! 😊

Last night we went out for Sueann's birthday. She was one of the people we met on our trip to Scotland at Christmas, so it was nice to meet up with all the friends we had made there again. I will post some pics of the pub dinner we had when everyone emails me their photos next week, as I didn't take a digital camera with me.

A couple of weekends ago we went out to Oxford again & managed to get some good photos. It was a bit cold & windy, & we didn't realise that you had to pay to get into everything, so we just went to a couple of places. Oxford University takes up pretty much all of the city. The University is actually made up of 39 separate Colleges (which all operate autonomously), which all specialise in different things, or have different styles of tutoring (some have 1:1 tutoring, some have halls of residence, some have extra curricular sports teams - including rowing, which Oxford is famous for), so there's something for everyone. Mostly you just have to be incredibly rich to go there, but you don't have to be that smart. It's interesting to look around the town though, but in the central market area I felt more like I had to constantly fight my way through the crowd, rather than just enjoy wandering around. Hopefully we will get back there - I want to buy an Oxford top so I can look classy 😊

We have also recently been back to Bath. It was a nice day & we had the van this time (as opposed to being on a tour like we were the first time), so we could cruise around a bit more. We sat on the grass & had some excellent cornish pasties for lunch. It was just something to do for the day, so we just kind of mucked around & came back to London when the day got a bit cooler.

We are both doing fine - Vaughan didn't change jobs in the end, as he was meant to do a few weeks ago. It was lucky actually, as a week later, everyone at the company he was to join were all made redundant. He has negotiated a new contract with his old employer so that his pay & possibilities of advancement are much better, so it's looking good.

I have been busy with school & am starting to get in gear to organise our trip to Europe in the Summer. Vaughan can only get 25 days off work, which I can work with, & after we return from that trip I hope to go on a tour to Russia, but we will see how it goes. After that I will look for a new job that pays better than the one I have now, & actually try & save some money to bring home.

We also hope to get out to Kew Gardens if we ever get the good weather to coincide with the weekend, so we should get some excellent photos there! The gardens are meant to be massive, & have all these kinds of flowers/plants etc that you can't get anywhere else in the world. Doesn't sound terribly exciting, but I think it's actually supposed to be quite spectacular.

I should go for now - hope you are all looking after yourselves & gearing up for the Winter. Look forward to hearing from you.

Love Toni & Vaughan xxxxxx

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15th May 2006

Feel very envious whenever you send the next chapter of your travels. Pleased the new flat is going well, good to see V looking healthy and happy and still into debates!!!!!! Funny how fate steps in when big decisions have to be made. Well done "the procrastinator"Lots of love Mum and Bill and Shari Dog

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