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April 15th 2008
Published: April 16th 2008
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Rhino MikeRhino MikeRhino Mike

There were a whole herd
Now the London Marathon is mega famous allllll over the world, so it would have been extremely rude of me to ignore it's existence given I live just around the corner now (well, about an hour away, but in London that is just around the corner!!). As an added bonus, another of my India friends, Astrid, has now arrived in London for a more extended visit so it was a serendipitous (big word huh ... no idea if it's spelt right!) day to be catching up.

We met up at Embankment tube for a look at the front runners or should I say front wheelers as it was the wheelie athletes who were running through (26.2 mile in 1 hour 51m or so ... madness!). Then it was off to the pub for brekkie with tea of course and a chance to watch the first runners going through on the tellie and of couse that is how I got the stunning result above! The pub was a great idea as that was during the first patch of inclement weather which means we ended up dry, well fed and got to see some of the race in comfort.

Eventually we made it back out to watch the runners, gradually making our way along the route along the Thames, stopping at bits to cheer the crowd on. Most of the runners are running for charity or different teams and have their name on front of their running shirts so the accepted practice is to cheer everyone on by name - it's probably the one time of the year when people in London talk to each other of their own free will. So Astrid and I had a lovely time calling out to random strangers (ok we did perve just a little as well) and enjoying the atmosphere ... well we did until it started to bucket down! One little umbrella between the two of us was very cosy, but still kind of wet. So we walked further until it stopped! That's one of the joys of London - walk a mile or so and it stops raining, walk the other way and it starts ... although occassionally the the storm clouds seem to chase you all over.

Made our way down to Tower Hill Tube station then back on the Tube to Westminster to wander around the end before making
nice dress and fishnets ...nice dress and fishnets ...nice dress and fishnets ...

poor sod got a cramp!
our way to Victoria and then to Covent Garden to catch up with some other friends for a quiet ale or two and a spot of dinner. Nice relaxed end to a rather hectic day of spectator sporting!

Love Jane xx

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Pretty flowersPretty flowers
Pretty flowers

it was on the route
You Tarzan ... me janeYou Tarzan ... me jane
You Tarzan ... me jane

Mega Caveman Perv Value ... a tasty morsel
Mr Balloon HeadMr Balloon Head
Mr Balloon Head

rubber and sweat ... ewwww

You are a very unattractive man

Got lost and ran away from Wimbeldon
If you look closelyIf you look closely
If you look closely

there are people in that there phone box ... getting out of the rain

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