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April 21st 2009
Published: April 21st 2009
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Finally made it to London! Sorry if any of you have been searching for posts, it's been crazy since we've landed into London we didn't have any free time to post anything since we only had 3 days here. Unfortunaly the place where we are camping at in Amsterdam does not have a computers where you can upload photos/videos, so you'll have to check back. We did make it into Amsterdam safely, below is an account of days in London....

April 16, 2009 - We arrived early in the morning into Heathrow Airport and later arrived at our hostel in Russell Square. Jet lag wasn't so bad I would have imagined, which was a relief. I only started to feel tired around 1pm which I believe is around early morning on EST time. Everytime we stopped moving and sat on a bench I was starting to dose off. Fortunately we met with my old highschool friend, Manuel and his wife Katie. It was great to catch up and see an old friend as well as give Emily and I a second wave of energy in order to stay up until later in the evening. We went to eat at this
british airwaysbritish airwaysbritish airways

just got on the excited! loud classical music playing and british accents all around.
amazing vegan buffet where everything was so delicious we could've kept eating there everyday! We then went to a pub and had some drinks and ended the night with a view from London School of Economics rooftops.

April 17, 2009 - On the go once again, still raining here, the hostel has free breakfast every morning so Emily and I have been eating toast with jam and butter for me, cereal and juice. Today we walked around the Camden neighborhood of London and ate our lunch on a stoop of some building. Since being on a very strict budget we cannot afford to dine out daily so Emily and I have been going to a local grocery store and getting food that we could eat on the go. Emily had spagehetti from a can, which was actually very tasty if you can imagine. I ate a cheese salad which had a several layers of pasta, cheese, vegtables and more dairy goodness. It was a great on the go meal. It then started to rain harder so it was getting a bit unberable to walk around. We had evening plans to meet Emily's friend Oliver, so we decided to head in that direction and hung out in an alley waiting for the rain to let up. We met up with Oliver and had a few drinks at another pub and then had dinner at a little Italian restaurant in the SoHo area of London. We ended the night going to one of the oldest gay bar's in London where we got entry to the VIP area of the bar thanks to Oliver. We then left the bar only to realize that the underground was now closed for the night and would have to figure out another way to get back to the hostel. Luckily the area our hostel is in a central part of London that we were able to take an all night bus back to Russell Square.

April 18, 2009 - Last day here, so we had to decided what was definately a must see or do in London. I know I wanted to do some touristy things so we went to see the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace and after we went to the London Bridge. We also went to Hampsted Heath and ate a lunch in the park. After that we had plans
our planeour planeour plane

thanks captain for getting us to london safely!
to try to find Karl Marx's grave in Highgate Cemetary which was fairly close to the Hampsted Heath park, so we thought. We looked at the map and figured it would be a nice walk. It would've been great except the way to cemetary was much farther than what we had imagined and also it was mostly uphill hike towards Highgate Village, yuck. As we trekked thru and arrived in Highgate Village we found the cemetary and walked down this steep hill where the cemetary was located. Since we had been walking forever we had arrived at 10 mins before the cemetary closed they would not let us enter the grounds. Huge bummer! Emily likes to stay positive and say that at least we got to see a beautiful part of London we would have never visited. We then found a bus that headed back in the direction we needed and headed back to the hostel so we could get our backpacks in order for us to head to Amsterdam the following day. Nothing really eventful happened after, ate dinner we had gotten at the grocery store: lime rice and a 4 pack of 16 oz beer we paid .90
first pic in londonfirst pic in londonfirst pic in london

just off the plane!
pence ($1.33 USD), YES! Next stop... Amsterdam.

Additional photos below
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first pic in europefirst pic in europe
first pic in europe

just off the plane! jet lag city!
russell square russell square
russell square

russell square is where our hostel was located
australian embassyaustralian embassy
australian embassy

this one is for zeinab!
vegan buffet with friendsvegan buffet with friends
vegan buffet with friends

emily, manuel, tages and katie
london school of economicslondon school of economics
london school of economics

manuel attends school here
london school of economicslondon school of economics
london school of economics

manuel took us to the rooftop to see the view at night
sandwich street sandwich street
sandwich street

we think we will move here!
camden towncamden town
camden town

a day well spent in camden town

getting used to meals out of cans!!
coolest thing ever coolest thing ever
coolest thing ever

this was in camden town's public bathroom. it soaps, rinses and dries your hands all at once.

22nd April 2009

way to be vip!
23rd April 2009

i'm so glad you made it!!! i can't wait to hear how it's going in amsterdam and see you pictures!!! we bought tickets....sending dates soon.
25th April 2009

living vicariously
em and tages, will enjoy following your travels---praying for your safety and enjoyment of all you see and experience along the way! xoxokarenxoxo
27th April 2009

I Fucking love yoos
I miss yinz,was looking at old pictures,Eddi and the eggman...........
28th April 2009

Can't wait to see pics Em!!
30th April 2009

The beer better be Goose Island Fort Gary. Have fun kids!
6th May 2009

The pubs of London
Hey Em, you were right...I was just eating on my World's End Pub mat yesterday and thinking of you. It is the same place but mine says World's End Distillery. And it has been painted since I bought these mats 10yrs ago when we were there. Thanks for all your updates. Love you, Prayers for safety and good friends. xoxomom
6th May 2009

your friggen nuts
Changing of the guard is totally something I would take in on a very short visit to London as well...
8th June 2009

Where the heck did all of these posts/comments come from? I've been checking! Sounds like things are great so far. I'm so glad! I love the photo of Tages just off the plane. ;)
23rd June 2009

it's me dacia
hi i saw your pictures and they are really pretty, what a nice place. you took a picture of a upside down toilet hope you don't have to go to the bathroom that way lol. i miss you and hope you and your girlfriend have lots of fun. my mom misses you too and everybody at work too. be safe and see the world for me. love your girl, dacia

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