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April 24th 2009
Published: April 23rd 2009
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Sunday April 19th: We made it to Amsterdam! We had a hectic travel day starting at 7am, checking out of the hostel, rushing to the tube to Victoria station getting on the EasyBus to take us to Luton Airport which is the farthest airport out of London. At one point we were running and I remember Tages saying, "we don't have time for mistakes", it was like we were on the Amazing Race! haha. At Luton we checked in for our EasyJet flight to Amsterdam Schipol. It was our first flight in Europe where we got to walk onto the tarmac to the plane and then once on the plane, you choose your seats. We slept on the flight and arrived safely at Schipol. Immigration was super nice as I would expect out of Holland. We took a train to Amsterdam Centraal Station (well, we got lost and took a couple but no big deal). We had to ask a million questions but eventually we were on our way to the campground. We learned how to say thank you right away! Bedangsk and Dank u Vel!!!! We arrived at Camping Zeeburg and it's soooooo cute! It has a bar, restaurant, shop, toilets, showers, small animal farm, and lots of places to camp. There are even cabins and wagonettes (too expensive for us). The campground is right on the water in Eastern Amsterdam. There are lots of houseboats and an artist commune nearby. It's really beautiful. We set up our tent in a field. There is a girl camping close to us that looks like Rina if she was a hippy with dreadlocks. haha. After setting up camp, we walked into town and wandered around. We ate a falafel sandwich and patat's which were delicious! Back to camp to sleep.

Monday, April 20th: Today we took it easy. We ran around so much in London, we wanted to really relax and take it easy in Amsterdam. We walked to the Albert Heine grocery store and bought groceries for the week. All picnic type food b/c there is no microwave or fridge. We ate tapenade and crackers for dinner and played card games in the tent.

Tuesday, April 21: Seriously, we are relaxing so much here that all I did today was take a shower and read a book. I compared my day in my planner to a couple of months
our foodour foodour food

since we cannot dine out often, we've had to find food to eat that could be eaten right out of the jar or can since we do not have access to a kitchen.
ago at work. I had like 6 appointments in one day and now today an appointment in my planner is to take a shower. Ha!!!

Wednesday, April 22: Today was a big day, we rented bikes for 24hr. We packed a picnic lunch and set off. Since EVERYONE in Amsterdam rides bikes, I figured it would be no big deal. I have seen mom and dad's with kids on bikes, older people on bikes, no one wear's helmets, young and old, everyone! There is a seperate bike lane and also seperate stop lights for bikes. It's fantastic! After not riding a bike for probably a year or so, I think we did pretty good. Tages did much better than I did. We mostly rode right next to the canals and Amstel River. It was a beautiful ride, sunny and a little wind. However, we did get into a few really crowded areas and I got pretty nervous. I am a little shaky on a bike anyways and especially in this situation I had little confidence. I got into a little bike accident where I stopped quickly at a light and a lady ran into me and yelled at me. I kept saying I was sorry or (soorry as they say) and she did not care at all. My arm hurt super bad and now I have a bruise. boo. I cried a little and had to take a break for awhile b4 I could get the confidence to keep going. Tages and I decided to not ride in busy areas and head for Vondel Park. We rode to Vondel park and took a nap in the sun. It was wonderful. On our way home we stopped for Patat Zonder which is their very delicious and famous french fries with mayonnaise. I had mine with curry sauce and they were delicious. Later that evening we drank a beer down by the river and watched the boats float by. We were amazed that on a Wednesday evening people were so relaxed and just floating down the river. I love it so much!

So far Táges's impressions of Amsterdam:
1. lots of ducks everywhere
2. the mayonaise is sweet
3. cheese
4. dog poop everywhere

Additional photos below
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there are patat shoppes all around amsterdam where you can get fresh cut fries with a side of mayo

this little car is called a canta. you can drive this on the bike paths along the netherlands. i am seriously next to the car, it is that small!
anne frank huisanne frank huis
anne frank huis

this is the door of anne frank's house
enjoying a day in amsterdamenjoying a day in amsterdam
enjoying a day in amsterdam

we used the gorilla pod for this shot, and were scared that it was going to fall into the canal
our canadian friendsour canadian friends
our canadian friends

we met jill and jaime at camp zeeburg, but had also been in the same room at the hostel we were staying at in london. jill had remembered emily and came up to us at the camp ground to say hello.

23rd April 2009

This is great. Way to do the bikes - way more gutsy then I was when I was there. No joke, those busy intersections are insane! And how about the bike parking lots! If you are still there when you read this: I know you guys probably arent doing a ton of resturaunts, but the indonesion food I had there was amazing. There is this thing called the rice table you can order. You literally just tell the waiter you want "the rice table" and it's this whole crazy meal. Check this out: I'm so glad you guys are doing well. Can't wait to read more... keep these posts coming! Abby's looking over my shoulder and say "Hi"! (Yes I'm writing this at work)
23rd April 2009

Details, glorious details....I love them all so much. Thanks girls for this. You know how much parents love to live vicariously through their children. Don't know about you, but I am having the TIME OF MY LIFE!! We love you so much. xoxo MOM
27th April 2009

oh so much fun!
sounds like you are having a blast! miss you! new roomies are cool. next roomie... new gay boy, passed the background check! haha. i want to nap in the sun in amsterdam. kiss kiss!
2nd May 2009

we only have fifteen minutes to finish reading all of these travel blogs you've written, and frankly THERE'S NO TIME FOR MISTAKES!!!
3rd May 2009

miss you, both!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"I had like 6 appointments in one day and now today an appointment in my planner is to take a shower. Ha!!! " <--I love this - I am glad Miss Emily Stinnett finally gets to take a break and take time for herself!! It looks like you women are having fun! And about confidence - screw everyone else. Remember, a lot of people in Europe are in a hurry and think they know what's up, still a super power. Don't let any of those locals get you frazzled. Its YOUR trip, YOUR fun, don't let any of them doubt yourself. Just surrender and have a good time!! MISS YOU SO MUCh! I'm so sad I missed all of your calls - all the North kids keeping asking where you are. I don't think they understand when I say you are in Europe very far, cuties though. And the new Morgan community room is looking sooooo great and decorated. it's coming alive - had our first family night and it was fun, like 14 people came! Just wanted to give you a few North updates!
7th May 2009

i amsterdam
(i was born in amsterdam n.y. ) a quaint and quiet namesake---not at all like your Amsterdam--your travels are opening a whole new world to this land-locked okie! have fun--looking forward to the next chapter.
21st May 2009

Hey just catching up on your blog. Seems like you guys are having fun. It look like it too. Keep blogging.
8th June 2009

I'm so impressed that you both went biking as a means of transportation. I would have been TERRIFIED, and am sure that you did great, all things considered. What an amazing trip so far!
8th June 2009

"There's no time for mistakes..." oh man did that crack me up. Tages, you and Brad need to hang out more.

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