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July 4th 2018
Published: July 14th 2018
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Happy July 4th (Traitor's Day)Happy July 4th (Traitor's Day)Happy July 4th (Traitor's Day)

It's Red and White, at least.
Wednesday was a quiet 4th of July here in London. Anne and Michelle spent it doing laundry, relaxing, catching up on some video editing, and grocery shopping. Dinner in the flat followed by a nice evening walk and some strawberry shortcake made it a great day.

Thursday, Anne and Michelle took the train to Brighton to shop in the second hand stores and check out the seaside. The ride was not long and they found some pretty neat stores as well as a pretty cool toy museum. Michelle bought a few pairs of flowy pants and they spent some time at the Brighton Pier amusement park. They wandered up the beach and through the historic shops on the Lanes. They took the second to last train back to London, which ended up being quite crowded, and met Tony and his co-worker, Ankur, back at the flat for a game of Settlers of Catan. Ankur, though new to the game, was able to beat us all and get to 10 points first.

Friday, Michelle and Anne went back to Camden Market and Spitalfields Market before meeting Tony for a tour of the London office. Michelle
Big Ben in a BoxBig Ben in a BoxBig Ben in a Box

They are fixing it up, but it's impressive anyway.
picked up a few more pairs of pants, a hoodie, and a new dress at the Camden Market and Anne found a Princess Mononoke print shirt. The London Office is pretty cool and afterwards they toured the new apartments being built next door. The prices in the fancy, high end residential tower were much lower than expected, but still exceeded 1 Million (Pounds Sterling, not dollars). They finished the night with an Italian dinner and packing for the trip to Kent over the weekend.

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Do they go with this shirt...
Under London RomansUnder London Romans
Under London Romans

A recently discovered amphitheater several floors under an art museum.. left in place, with the building constructed over it.
Water WorksWater Works
Water Works

Drainage (or worse) from the amphitheater along the main walk.

Gotta get those ponies. Each coin is 2p. We spent 125 of them... because.. Ponies. Um. And Physics.
VR CoasterVR Coaster
VR Coaster

It seemed safer than the coaster on the pier.
Brighton's official City BirdBrighton's official City Bird
Brighton's official City Bird

The ever aggressive Seagull. The vendors will no longer replace food stolen by these birds.. the signs say so.
Spotted JacketSpotted Jacket
Spotted Jacket

Did not make the final shopping list.

These DID make the final shopping list.
Didn't quite fitDidn't quite fit
Didn't quite fit

but kinda neat.

They look cool, but Tony is really confused on how they work.

They got one!
Inside the Amazon Office in LondonInside the Amazon Office in London
Inside the Amazon Office in London

This one is safe to post. it's really cool too. Looking up through the atrium.
Hey Look what Tony foundHey Look what Tony found
Hey Look what Tony found

St. Paul's Cathedral, Tony found when he walked to work
Interesting BuildingInteresting Building
Interesting Building

You find neat stuff when you wander around London

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