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March 27th 2009
Published: April 17th 2009
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The next entries will be what I recorded during my break on my computer. I didn't have great internet access, so that is why I am waiting until now to upload.

March 27, 2009

Today was the beginning of my 2 ½ week journey! Everything went very well.
I began this morning at 9:15am, by meeting Sarah by the laundry house by our flat. We walked down together to the bus station to catch our 10:35 bus, which we made it for just in time. The first leg of the trip was from Aberdeen to Edinburgh Airport. We had two transfers, one in Dundee and the other in Iverkeithing, which we almost missed. I thought we would be late getting to our flight and through security, but we had more than enough time. Sarah got “yelled” at for her multiple liquids, but it all worked out. The lady was SUPER nice in Luton and it was just fine.
We had lunch in at Costa Coffee before we got on the plane.
Once we got on the plane, the trip went super fast and we were in London in no time. I called Kathryn when we got there, hoping she would know how to get us to her aunt’s house, where we were staying, but she had no idea. We ended up paying 11 pounds for a bus to the Victoria station where we met them, (Kate, Sydney and Kathryn), and then took the tube back to her aunt’s house.
We ended up chatting and talking with her aunt and uncle, who are SUPER nice, for a while and then they fed us a wonderful homemade dinner of rice, and then beans with veggies and sausage and homemade bread and wine as well. We are so spoiled! It was wonderful, but now most of us are tired and are ready to go to bed. Their house is SUPER small to fit us 5 girls in, plus Jake and Rachel tomorrow, but cozy. Her uncle said they paid 320,000 pounds for this flat and it is NO where near the size of some American houses, but he said it is because they are in London. True, but crazy.
So far my impression of London is not that great. I see it as ridiculously overcrowded and somewhat dirty. Of course, I haven’t really seen the city yet, so we’ll wait and see. I am also terrified of the massive amounts of people that are everywhere. As of right now, I wouldn’t mind just getting out and moving on, but that’s not really an option. I’ll take in the city life till Sunday night, and then we are off to Paris, bright and early on Monday morning!
Tomorrow we are planning on going to see all the museums in London because it is supposed to be raining. I am hoping to find a purse😊
Homesickness hit me before dinner, because I was hungry and terrified of this city, but I am doing better now. We talked about it at dinner and pretty much vocalized the fact that this is our holiday. Yes, we want to see things, but at the same time, not overdo it. That sounds fantabulous to me😊
Travelling with Sarah so far has been great. I really think I am going to enjoy having her as my travel buddy for the whole trip. Wish I could be doing some more traveling with Alex…we are doing the MacBackPackers for the Isle of Skye the week after holiday, so that will be amazing.
The pictures will probably be uploaded tomorrow, with whatever chance I get to use my computer. I am really liking having it along so far!!!


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