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March 28th 2009
Published: April 17th 2009
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March 28, 2009
Today we basically went out and explored London. We woke up around 9ish, which was the time that Rachel and Jake got here from there 12 hour bus ride. We all woke up and Kathryn’s uncle made us eggs and toast and amazing homemade bread. Fabulous We were out and about by 11. We got tickets from the Tooting train station and took that all day, everywhere. Very nice how that works! We also went to the bus station and saw where the infamous Harry Potter bus station of 9 ¾ existed! They have a little sign and the cart and there was a short line of people to get there picture taken where they supposedly go through the wall. Of course, we did that too!😊
We saw Tower Bridge today and the British Library with a really cool exhibit; it was called something like the treasures of the British or something like that. Inside I saw documents like the Magna Carta, The Guetenbergy Bible, The Wycliffe Bible, LIndisfarne Gosepels and SO Much more. Spent a lot of time in there and then made our way to the British Museum. We spend 2 ½ hours in there and STILL never made it through the entire thing! I got to see the Rosetta Stone! Amazing!!!
We didn’t get to walk around London that much; I think we’ll get to that tomorrow.
One thing that I have realized while being here, is that if you are a couple, EVERYONE else knows. Either you are sucking the face off of someone else or groping or grinding. Pretty intense…


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