2 nights sleep till i leave England on my trip!

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September 14th 2008
Published: September 14th 2008
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Hey guys, its a bit early i know but i wanted to get my 1st blog out of the way before i left the country!
I have only 2 nights sleep till i have to leave England and take up residence in South Korea, scary stuff huh!?
For the past 2 weeks i have been running round London trying to get everything sorted and to be honest it has been a nightmare!
Finally got my visa application number through and took passport into the embassy, that all went fine and i saw two hot men there that were getting teaching Visas too.. so things are looking good in that respect. I booked my flight through Korean Air directly so that i wold get an extra 10Kgs allowance (which i desperatly NEED!). Then i never received the e-ticket so phoned them back and they had no record of me booking, then they realised they had booked it under the wrong name.... first name last and last name first! Then i got the bill for £780!!! i thoguht it was only meant to be £445.. so i had to phone them again.. ughhhh anyway its all sorted out now... FINGERS CROSSED!
I can just see me rocking up to heathrow and them trying to charge me for the extra 10Kgs, i can't lose 10 kgs!!! nightmare.. and i havent even packed my chocolate yet!!!!!!
I have however sent off my ski stuff, don't want to be getting chilly over there do i? I would only moan about it and we all know how i hate to moan! hahah yeah right!
So i pick up my Korean teaching visa on monday.. cutting it fine? YES!! But not my fault!! It's actually not my fault this time.. i know you won't believe me but is true!

I fly on Tuesday the 16th September at 21:30 with Korean Air, Claire is coming with me as my pack horse and i hope to god she thinks to bring shed loads of tissues, cos im going to need them!

I am absolutly cacking myself about the teaching part.. which to be honest is quite a massive part of my trip!
I hope and pray that the kiddies are all well behaved and dont like climbing all over teacher.. cos i know im a good actress but im not THAT good.. i dont know how long i can pretend to like kids!
Im sure i will learn to love my kiddies.. im sure....

SO.... as from Wednesday i will be living in South Korea, thats where my next blog will be coming from! What a weird thought huh.. 1 year in a new country and as a BRUNETTE!! Yup i got my hair dyed in London... it wasnt really planned but it has happened now so no point crying over it, i just hope the passport people let me in the country cos i look so different!
I will put lost of pics on here.. well i will try! And also i will be on FB a lot (but not as much as i usually am!)

I hope you are all well and if i dont manage to phone you before i leave.. have a great year and i will see you when i get back, when ever that is!


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