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April 23rd 2008
Published: April 25th 2008
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This morning, roughly 11:45am, barely 8 hours ago, we finally bit the bullet and bought tickets to India. For Friday. In less than 48 hours we'll be on our way to Delhi, and, to answer the question I'm sure anyone reading this will ask themselves; yes, that decision is looking a little bit like a mistake. Although we have every pill and potion known to man (including sterile needles, syringes, rehydration tablets and antidiarrhoeal medicines to rival any local chemist) we have been assured by everyone, from the doctor to the owners of the corner store, that we will be sick, perhaps even on our deathbeds, by this time next week. Good times ahead. However, to assure the assortment of worried parents, don't worry; we have a phone. And it will work in India. And we promise to be in contact as often as possible. And also to be on the first plane back to England if either one of us gets seriously ill. And by serious, I mean anything that can't be cured by the assortment of pharmaceutical purchases which have filled an entire suitcase. We've been inoculated against every possible disease (except the disgusting-sounding (though a quick Google search deems it not particularly fatal) japanese encephalitus, which proved much to difficult to get our hands on) and are currently taking our cholera vaccines (a disgusting tasting drink) and antimalarial tablets. A family friend, who is currently in India, helpfully emailed this morning to tell us that the temperature has been steadily above 40 degrees (104 F) and that India is "red hot" hot. Jason has taken this on board, and is going to shave his head in an attempt to keep cool. Kitty (my sister) is threatening to shave his head as I write this. I must say I'm disappointed to be losing the new Jason (with hair), but nevermind, hair grows. So, with a night of packing ahead, and plans of eating as much ice, fresh fruit and vegetables, and tap water as possible (all banned items in India) we're looking forward to our last 36 hours in 'civilisation' and our voyage into the unknown.


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