It's like a dream, no end and no beginning"

Published: August 1st 2012
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Seeing Madonna in concert for the first and most likely, the only time in my life, in Hyde Park, in Central London was "like a dream" - there was no end and no beginning to her performance...

Well, at least I can't remember them. I was starstruck; absolutely in shock that the Queen of Pop was standing no more than 100 feet away from me!

The concert was unlike any other I had seen before. Thousands upon thousands of Londoners gathered under a stormy forecast in the midst of Hyde Park to hear their favorite pop singer, actress, and idol belt what exactly it feels like to be a girl in this world.

Her performance consisted of a mix of sex, ultra violence, religion, and politics to a bizarre, yet entertaining degree. Monks, suggestive dancers, cloaked assassins, a fabulous Vogue Catwalk, and incredibly flexible dancers stormed the stage, keeping the crowd alive as the rain poured from the night sky. At one point, Madonna appeared to be fighting off various killers in the comfort of her own motel room, with every successful shot displaying a splatter of blood across the back screen.

My only criticism is her rendition of "Like A Virgin," which was unbearably slow. Nevertheless, she definitely made up for it during "Like A Prayer," as the entire flood of people bumped hips and clapped along to the Queen's extraordinary vocals.

At 53 years old, we know she is still crazy. But she is fabulous.

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