Photos from Castleton, Derbyshire, England, United Kingdom, Europe

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another pew end
Peveril Castle
Desert - Baileys Cheesecake
The Vinegar Bible
One of the pew ends
Castleton church
A grey cold and wet winters day in the High Peaks
The sunsetting behind the mountains
The sun setting in the valley
One last photo
The sun is really starting to set now
On the way down
The windy road is much less efficient than the straight path we took
We went straight up, now let's go straight down
View on the way down
It's snowing and the sun is setting... we better get down!
You can't get away from those sheep!
The boys making their way up the mountain
We thought we'd follow this road, only it went in the wrong direction!
The cute little town of Castleton
Hiking into Castleton... Now where's that pub??
The mountains here are so incredibly green!
Inside a cave
Caves on the Castleton side of the mountain
The first path we took from Edale to get over the mountain
Looking down the other side of the mountain at Castleton
One path along the mountain ridge
A typical English country road
The hike to the campsite
Cooking up some dinner
Our private campsite!
Posing for a photo at the top, as it begins to snow
At the top
View from the top of Mam Tor
This is the path straight up to the summit of Mam Tor that Mike took
View from above
In England, it's easy to walk straight up the mountain
The beautiful surrounding countryside
We're up at the snow line here!
Notice the shadow!
Elysia and the wild animals
Making our way back to Edale, the long way around!
Posing from mid-way up the mountain
The men are trying to find our campsite from the top of the mountain
Sometimes, it is just easier to stand on your breakfast bowl...
Kwispelende staartjes ....
Prachtig landschap!
Schaapjes horen in de wei!
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