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July 5th 2014
Published: July 5th 2014
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A stunning view from our living room balcony.
At this time of the year many Brits are preparing, or have already jetted off for their summer holidays abroad, greeting destinations with undoubtedly better weather than what they've left behind. I was one of the many myself earlier last month, where I went on an Eastern European tour, travelling the capitals of Sweden, Estonia, Finland and Russia.

Today however, I'm sitting at the kitchen table, feeling pretty old school connected to the broadband router in a beautiful, phone signal-less cottage in Cornwall. We've traveled from South Wales and have had the Wimbledon final on drinking tea, it's the proper 'summer break' so far!
Despite looking forward to the freedom from technology (as a 20 year old I'm pretty much connected, just like the majority of our generation) I'm figuring I'll post little entries each day of our time here.

It's easy to ramble on about Britain being 'grim', or 'a dive' or any other similar descriptions, but Cornwall, as well as a lot of other destinations I'm sure, show that we do have some really nice destinations to chill over summer. Would be interested to hear of other people's 'home' adventures.

The village is apparently beautiful,

Fresh fish are found here at the bottom of the village.
mum needed to head down to get some change to put money in our payphone to ring family back home to say we've arrived; like I said; proper old school! We're looking forward to discovering the place, so far we've seen some signs that say Monday hosts a pub quiz and a folk show and local singers will be about the place too. Cockerels have been signing and apparently there's some really fresh fish in the little dock area down below, which we can see from the beautiful view from our living room and front bedroom!

So Day 1: arrival; all is well, looking forward to watching the World Cup and chilling tonight before starting the adventure properly tomorrow.

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Beautiful summer cottage.

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