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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall August 8th 2019

We reached Penzance and I went up to the hotel reception to check in. We had booked into a more expensive hotel for tonight, mostly due to a lack of availability on a Saturday night rather than a desire for a better hotel. The hotel was probably upmarket fifty years ago. The world has moved on since then but the hotel hasn't seen the need. The decor was... how can I put this delicately... dated. The receptionist looked me up and down and said "We had better put you in the wing... the furthest wing." She handed me a large iron key and I fetched the luggage and Madam. We went slowly up to the first floor in a stuttering and clanking lift. Along a long corridor, around a bend and a up further corridor. Down ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall August 6th 2019

Madam was sitting on Thracian Horses 1969 and I was on King Richard III 1969. I moved to Twelfth Night 1970 for a better view of the practicing orchestra and she came to sit beside me on South Pacific 1970. We had stopped at the Minack Theatre on the way back from Land’s End. In 1929, a local drama group put on an outdoor performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in a local meadow. It was a great success, and they decided to perform The Tempest a couple of years later. Rowena Cade decided that the cliffs below her garden would be a perfect setting and over the winter of 1931 she and her gardener moved granite boulders and created a little theatre on the side of the cliff. There were performances at the Minack every ... read more
St Michael's Mount

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall August 5th 2019

The sea spray splattered my glasses and the wind tugged at my hair causing it to stick up in an unusually expressive and interesting manner. I looked like a cross between a mad scientist and just plain mad. I zipped up my jacket. "Amazing! It's like something from National Geographic!" Madam shouted above the wind. She was pointing her phone in every direction furiously taking photographs as fast as she could. "I'm glad I bought my windproof jacket." I said. "There's no internet!" She said as she peered into her phone. Her selfie would have to wait. We were at Land's End. The end of Cornwall and the end of the country. The end of our westward journey. This was as far as we could go. Next stop America, over several thousand miles of ocean. We ... read more
Land's End
Land's End
Land's End

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Lostwithiel September 28th 2018

We decided to visit Lostwithiel, which lies tucked away in the Fowey Valley, on 19 September. We took the train from St Austell. Lostwithiel is one of the local stations in Cornwall. Nevertheless, this quiet town had a wealth of historic artefacts and buildings – Tudor Bridge, St Bartholomew Church, The Dutchy Palace, The Grammar School, Taprell House, all of which were built between 15th century and 18th century. We popped in the church and the museum. The museum has an interesting collection of artefacts which were all donated locally and wonderful photographic collection depicting the social history of the town since the end of the 18th century. I was impressed with the calendar with photos of local historic buildings of Lostwithiel and bought the one presented at the receptionist’s desk. We had planned visiting Restomel ... read more
Courtyard of the ruined castle
Restomel Castle
Dutchy Palace

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » St Austell September 24th 2018

I remembered the bus going past Mevagissey when visiting Heligan Garden and that Mevagissey harbour looked interesting. We decided to visit there in the morning on 18 September 2018. We took the bus No.24 from the town centre of St Austell in the mid morning. The bus took us to River Street, Mevagissey. As we walked towards harbour, we found numerous interesting shops, e.g. the Cornish Fudge Shop, pottery shop, jewellery shop, a second hand bookshop and fish restaurants, and we popped in some of these shops. The attractive cobbled streets and lanes led us to the harbour. There were a number of colourful fishing boats, water taxies and flat boats mooring on the water. We found the foot ferry which travel between Mevagissey and Fowey. Unfortunately, because of the expected windy weather, the ferry services ... read more
rugged coastline

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Fowey September 24th 2018

Mark had printed the bus timetable between Mevagissey and Fowey via St Austell and suggested we take the bus at 13:00 for Fowey. It takes an approximately hour, but roadworks were carried on around Tyewardreath village, and it took longer than the scheduled and it made us arrive the destination at 14.30. We got off the hilly road, ‘Browns Hill’. I found the footpath leading down the church and was told that we would reach the town centre by following the footpath. Having walked down, I found the bookshop, The Bookend of Fowey, where I wanted to visit for a long time. I soon found bookshelves stocked with numerous books written by Daphne du Maurier and her sister, Angela du Maurier. I took down the titles which hadn’t read. I found these books, e.g. Hungry Hill, ... read more
Poltuan, opposite harbour to Fowey
Mill Factory Complex

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Camelford May 18th 2018

Good news yesterday - Bernie's x-ray was clear. The pesky pneumonia has gone. We celebrated in style with cake in the garden followed by a beautiful walk on Trebarwith Strand with Jeffers. It is such a relief for both of us. Bernie has been worrying and I have obviously been concerned too. Now the preparations start to get ready for the trip. The plan is to leave on Wednesday and travel to Harwich over two days. We will stop in the ferry port overnight before catching the early morning ferry and arriving in Holland on Friday late afternoon. The only fixed item on the agenda is Stockholm - we are booked in at a campsite from Wednesday 30th May to Sunday 3rd June. Stockholm marathon is on Saturday 2nd June so all the training will hopefully ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Penzance April 3rd 2018

Set off this morning (in sunshine) for a driving tour of Cornwall (or the bits someone has decided we need to see), planning to be back in time to walk across the causeway to St Michael's Mount (open today from 12.30 to 3.30pm). First to Penzance, then a little further around the bay to Mousehole (because why wouldn't you visit a place called Mousehole!), lots of narrow streets in Mousehole! Then off to Land's End. I thought this was a sign at "the end of England" - but has been turned into a tourist park - shops, movie theatre, cafes, restaurants, hotel etc. Sign is still there, but you have to pay to get your photo taken with it! Seriously cold & windy by now (think Cornwall has the same weather as Melbourne - all things ... read more
Land's End - just the entrance!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Penzance April 2nd 2018

The rain had stopped in Beesands this morning, so we could see it was a one street town (and only one side of the street has bulidings, because the other side is the ocean (English Channel). At least the rain washed most of the mud off the car, but had to go back on those roads to get out of the place. Had a chat to a local and found a better way, but couldn't avoid them entirely. So headed off to Cornwall, via Plymouth (because that's where some old ships left from, the Mayflower, Captain Cook etc), and via Truro (something to do with Maurice's family history and cornish pasties) and finally to Marazion. We are staying at the Godolphin Arms, a pub directly across from St Michaels Mount. This is a tidal island which ... read more
Mayflower steps in Plymount
Bakery for Cornish Pasties in Truro

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Looe February 21st 2018

After a couple of beautiful sunny days in Faversham got up Monday to drive across to Looe and drizzle, cloudy and pretty cool! Good day for driving....pulled into Looe about 3.30 after pulling into Plymouth on the way over. Looe is like stepping back in time such a very pretty little costal village spanning across both sides of the inlet, fishing is their thing here with a huge harbourside fish market! Our apartment is right above some shops in the main street of town....just a great spot and a beautiful apartment too! Our mate Steve...C151 connection...lives here so great to catch up with him. He lives on the other side to us so a lovely walk over the bridge and down a couple of little narrow mountain goat country getting up to his house....such a ... read more

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