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October 3rd 2008
Published: August 19th 2015
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We Made It!We Made It!We Made It!

Land's End
We chose the easy walk because the medium one was too steep. It was a pleasure to meander along, looking over stone fences at farm gardens, enjoying wide vistas of fields and hedges, gently following the coastal path, and arriving in Land’s End for tea.

Land’s End at last! We had been warned that Land’s End had been turned into “Disneyland” by a private developer. When we first saw it from afar, we could see a large building or buildings. Our route was circuitous, so we walked away from the landmark in the morning and approached it again in mid-afternoon. Walking along the coast, we had to be told this was Land’s End, otherwise it seems to be just another one of the endless coves and points of land. Indeed the waters of the Atlantic and the Channel split a bit further north at Cape Cornwall. Putting the small Disney-ish theme-park to our back, we saw many points of land. On the most rocky I decided we should have our photos taken. The guide, John, kindly answered our hail and came to take a photo of Deirdre and me, with the Longships Light on some distant rocks in the background.

The day was
The Highway Man Came RidingThe Highway Man Came RidingThe Highway Man Came Riding

Dramatic enjoyment of fear and chills!
capped off by country dancing in the evening, for which Deirdre and I even knew some steps, thanks to our Regency dancing with ‘Sprigged Muslin’. Some people did their "party pieces", learned and developed specifically for these Friday evenings with HF Holidays. One woman gave an excellent dramatic recitation of The Highway Man by Alfred Noyes. A couple of the holidaying groups put on bad skits to gales of laughter.

Additional photos below
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Vine covered, but not a cottage
Cornwall coastCornwall coast
Cornwall coast

Famous dangerous coves
Cornwall coastCornwall coast
Cornwall coast

Fit for the birds!
Cornwall coastCornwall coast
Cornwall coast

Lots of places to hide smuggled loot
Land's EndLand's End
Land's End

Our first view, from a distance
Land's EndLand's End
Land's End

Next stop: Newfoundland
Sheltered coveSheltered cove
Sheltered cove

Beautiful under the sun
Rocks continue into the seaRocks continue into the sea
Rocks continue into the sea

Navigation only for the intrepid!
Country DancingCountry Dancing
Country Dancing

Reinvigorated by joining in!
Country dancingCountry dancing
Country dancing

Learning by doing
Robin HoodRobin Hood
Robin Hood

Unabashed bad jokes about walkers!

20th August 2015

The Highway Man came riding comma
Hah! I remember Lorna making me listen to her recite that poem with punctuation said aloud, for some class assignment. How to butcher poetry appreciation. Your photos make me consider adding Cornwall to my List. After all, I've been on the other end of Land's End at Cape Spears (as have you, yes?).

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