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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » St Ives November 8th 2017

St. Ives, Cornwall, home of Poldark, Rebecca, and the Pirates of Penzance The train to St. Ives from Bathe involved more than one change...each one successfully completed... and one change included a downpour on metal roof at the Exeter station. Now that I am back in Canada I can safely say that I encountered only sunshine, dull to drab or drizzle weather for the whole of my seventy day wander thru the UK. Out of the train and a search for the path to the hotel begins. Up the road past long term parking, over the rise, past the local bus terminal ( actually just a big parking-lot space for the buses to turn around and begin their return journey from where ever they came from) down a curved hill past a church, a tall scaffolding ... read more
View from Breakfast Room Window
Upstairs-Downstairs Flats
Stone Stone and more Stone Houses

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » St Ives October 5th 2017

After breakfast we packed up and said our goodbyes to our hosts at Gamekeepers Cottage and set out for Lands End. Lands End itself is now a set of shops and experiences- like Shaun the Sheep - but the countryside around it has some lovely views and rugged coastline. We parked and displayed and set out to walk a little. The actual point of the most southern part of England has a sign pointing to America, the next biggest piece of land You come to across the Atlantic. We didn’t spend too long at Lands End, just as long as we needed to say we had been there. The country around is rocky and not a lot grows. However, there were once a lot of tin mines around, and that was where we headed next. The ... read more
One of the shafts at Levant mine
Inside the mine, looking at the device that took the men up and down the shaft
the steam engine

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » St Ives September 18th 2017

Up early today, even though it's only 70km to St. Ives, but I'm still anticipating the dreaded Cornish hills to slow my progress and, as I couldn't contact them on a Sunday, I had to contact the railway to book my bike and myself for my return to Newcastle. I checked my overnight laundry drying system and all seems peachy. Thank goodness for heated towel racks. Socks rolled, folded and stowed. I went with the simple B & B breakfast option of cereals, toast and yogurt, and the B & B owner (upon her return from shopping), provided a few sweet buns for the road. I returned to my room to call CrossCountry Rail to confirm if my bike booking request had been approved and was advised there were no bike spaces available for my preferred ... read more
Window View - St. Ives
St. Ives

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » St Ives July 13th 2017

Cornwall, the most southern and tropical part of the UK and also one of the most remote parts. Day 1. So our journey begins... at 2:30am to travel the predicted 6 hours to Marazion, Cornwall’s oldest Town. I've got the car packed, its down on its wheel arches and a super strength coffee to go! The drive from Shoreham By Sea was pretty uneventful with not a soul on the roads until we got past Bodmin which goes on forever, to our surprise there is a dual carriageway that goes all the way into Cornwall that opened last Friday. This motorway knocked two hours off our predicted time and we got to Cornwall in under 4 and a 1/2 hours, good going! We took the time to have a drive around Marazion and Penzance to hunt ... read more
Cornish Coast
Dune hiking
Dune loving!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » St Ives June 7th 2014

I didn't mean to leave you all in suspense for quite so long after my last cliff hanger.. ..When we awoke after our dreadful journey from Lundy to St Ives (Via an abortive attempt to go into Padstow) the boat wasn't where we had left it! The anchor had dragged overnight. Fortunately out to sea, rather than onto the rocks. In our exhausted state we had failed to notice!! Woke up to a text from the Pinders saying they could see us out of their hotel window!!! That's when we realised, we might not be quite where we had anchored! Unfortunately the bright sunshine of morning also brought home the realisation of what had happened. About a foot of water in our food storage lockers, engine room, outside lockers. A bit clean up operation needed and ... read more
The laundrette where it all happened
Yummy Cornish cream teas
The pub where Seth got his novelty flip-flops

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » St Ives June 6th 2014

This first blog has taken a while to write - Firstly (and blissfully) Lundy didn't have any mobile or internet reception. Secondly we have only just had a moment in St Ives to sit down & relax. Sunday 1st June We left Bristol at 8pm, extremely hungover & very behind schedule. Last minute rush to sort out boat. Mike drops his mobile phone into harbour during clean up op. Lovely send off from all our gorgeous friends. Thought the boat might sink under the weight of them all on board! Locked out of the harbour @ 8:15pm. Motor up to Portishead Marina. Arrive @ 10pm and straight to sleep for us all! Crew Morale = 6 Monday 2nd June Up at 8am to get the engine serviced. Then a last minute bit of shopping, fuel, water ... read more
Waking up in a sunny Lundy anchorage
Watching the Lundy ferry come in!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » St Ives May 20th 2013

Today was another great day; I can't believe it but it hasn't rained yet, in fact the sun has been out quite a bit. This morning the tour started at the Mayflower steps; it's kind of cool when I think about when Holly D and I saw Plymouth Rock a few years ago on our Boston/Cape Cod trip and now I have seen where the pilgrims set sail from. It's like completing the circle. From here we went on a boat ride, saw several Royal naval ships and heard some stories on the history of the port. The highlight of today was St Ives; I didn't meet the man with seven wives but I did get really close with a gull. I decided to sit on the edge of the port and try a Cornish pastie, ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » St Ives April 22nd 2013

Well, after bemoaning the lack of photos on the blog you'll be delighted to know that on looking at the full iPhoto file there are about 3500 pics! So to make life a tad less soporific I'm in the process of deleting vast swathes of seriously awful shots. Me in the tent, me and the bike, me cooking pasta and ragout for the zillionth time and a lot of other rubbish shots. I hope to post a couple of dozen exquisitely composed works of photographic art to encapsulate the glories and futilities of peddling 19800km. Don't hold your breath. It'll take a minute or two to create. Meanwhile, apart from some readjustment to single figure temperatures, wearing socks and shoes, saying 'Yes dear' to almost all Lins suggestions, getting the hang of grandfatherhood, life is continuing ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » St Ives October 18th 2011

Many people think that to have a good holiday you have to spend lots of money and go somewhere exotic. I found out this isn't the case when we drove down to Cornwall one half term. I have been surfing a few times and enjoy nothing more than spending hours trying to catch the perfect wave. The location of choice was a nice apartment in St Ives, one of the prettiest places I've ever been to in the UK. Cornwall is so pretty and Porthminster Beach is brilliant for surfing. We went on many coastal walks and although the weather was unpredictable, there is always something to do no matter if it is raining. When the sun is out I couldn't wish to be anywhere else but with my family through some fields there. Places in ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » St Ives June 26th 2011

"Why are you so obese? You really are obese!" These words were still raw. I admit to carrying a little puppy fat, too much cheap Asian street food earlier in the year being the culprit. But obese? Surely not. But these inquisitive words from a family member had hit a nerve. I was hoping that the upcoming challenge of walking 15 miles a day for three solid months would help send these words straight back in the direction they came from. As dawn broke on day two of our 1160 mile charity walk from Lands End to John o'Groats, the back spasms and stiff hamstrings filled me with dread. Our tent, saturated from condensation on the inside and out, was packed away in a soggy mess. Not in any way was I enthusiastic about spending another ... read more
South West Coast Path
South West Coast Path
South West Coast Path

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