The end.......the wanderer returns !

Published: April 30th 2009
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Yes I do have a thing about elephants !
Hello everyone

I have come back home a few days early as the humidity was beginning to get to me and 4 weeks of bad hair days is enough for anyone ! Also there has been a family problem.

So am formulating my thoughts and feelings about India while sorting out my house and reacquainting myself with the joys of cooking and cleaning - nearly forgot how to do any of it it's been so long!
This Indian experience has made me realise that I don't like dirt and I am easliy irritated by persistence of hawkers. I have seen some beautiful places , learned about Hinduism, met some great people but feel great sadness that although India is racing ahead technologically the basic problems are still the same. The streets and rubbish seem to me to be the main problems. The gap between nouveau riche and the poor is vast. People still living on the streets or in poverty with no running water. And then there are millions of colleges and univeristies to churn out engineers and hotel managers but I can't see where the benefits are. I was there at election time in Kerala and found out

I didn't stay here just came for the day -- the Leela
that although Kerala is a communist state, corruption is still rife. So not really Communist as we know it in that the people benefit from state run businesses.
Everywhere is over employed - 4 people doing jobs done by one person here. Groups pf young men hanging out - not threatening but they seems to have little to do and am surprised the heat doesn't get to them and make then crazy.

So back to this awful Labour Govt and huge Council tax bills !! Oh and rain is expected today...

A very big thanks to all who sent me emails - I really did appreciate the contacts. So it's back to "normal" life now.
And of course I would love to see anyone who is in need of cuppas and biscuits .....

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Lighthouse Beach Kovalam

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