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May 25th 2013
Published: May 29th 2013
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So here it is, the end of yet another successful trip, 13 passed first aiders and 52 people trained in risk assessment.

on the way to the airport I had in the car with me two other people from Slough, Charles and Antonina, after the usual getting fondled in security we headed straight for the lounge and cracked open the beers and smirnoff ices and toasted Lee Rigby and the end of our successful trips.

Antonina's flight was called so she went first, Charles and I watched the news in the lounge as the lounge emptied out until our flight was called. we headed towards our gate, we had of course another security fondle to go through and then they went through my bags to see what I had in there - all they do is pick up your stuff and look at it to see if they like it so I place all my dirty washing on the top of the bag! (top tip of the day!) Behind us was a fella that was dressed up like Will.I.Am or as we called him Will.I.Wannabe or Will.I.Amnot.

Then we waited - it was coming up to 11.30pm the time of the flight so there was no way it was going on time - what was causing the delay in boarding? finally we could board - well walk down the tube towards the plane, then they stopped us - they were stopping everyone 10 at a time, lining everyone up like a firing squad, your bags about 3ft away from you. then they brought out dogs, apparently sniffer dogs, but these dogs were just having fun. By 12.15am we were ready to take off.

my flight was ok but my food was dreadfull with frozen butter and a thick black hair through my muffin! yuk!

I came home as Joe went to work, I had a shower and headed to bed. When I awoke I saw that a plane at Heathrow had had an emergency landing and Pakistan Airlines had been held up - I am glad I made it back safely.

Take care and stay safe until the next time

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