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June 10th 2010
Published: June 13th 2010
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Maps in hand and mind set, I was ready to cycle to Germany & back.

Having collected enough maps and general advise, I set out, making my way up the glatt towards Germany. It was the perfect ride, an John had decided to accompany me an hour or so to a friend's house where we would stop for lunch. We pedaled along, soaking up the view of rolling hills, swiss houses, and farm or ranch land curving over the hills in the distance. The path we were on, however, was flat (actually, a pleasant down-slope that I had been warned about for my return journey), as it was the landscape that followed the river flowing down to the lake. The paths along the glatt left me in awe. They were mostly paved, often with a gravel option on the other side for those walking or on horseback, and it was cycling heaven. Signs clearly marked the pathways and serious cyclists whizzed by while other pedaled along. In no time I was at the border - no official markings, just a large dam, and as I crossed, I found myself in Germany. I must admit, neither the scenery or the signage seemed to change much, but I did find myself in a forest, and the path was far less cycle-friendly than it had been across the rein. Nonetheless, I made my way through the forest and despite my toasty shoulders feeling the day's sun, and clambered off my bike for the steepest sections where I had to carry my bike up. I kept on to Eglisau, where I could cross back into Switzerland and paused for a refreshing swim.

This little haven was known to all, and I soon found myself surrounded by people packed along the river, also keen on a swim. Some of the families appeared to have been there all day, and only a few were still in the water. Swans and boats drifted by, people strolled along, and having pulled out my map, I soon found friends and was busily chatting away about the most scenic bike routes... for another time... after all, I found out, a storm was blowing in...

T locals suggested I cut the scenic tour I was on and opt for a more direct route home. This was a good idea (in theory) as I was beginning to feel the chill and notice the threatening clouds push overhead, so I aimed for the big town, abandoning the river and after a good few kilometers, found myself inadvertently flying out the other side of the town.... I pulled out my map and rode in circles. Asked for help, and rode in more circles. Eventually I did find the river, but I had backtracked about an hour to where I had just come from, and when I managed to set myself in the right direction, found myself caught in the downpour. I grabbed my only waterproof item (rain-jacket) and promptly wrapped up my camera and map, tucked them away in my bag, and proceeded to get soaked. Luckily, I was home in less than an hour - grinding my way up that not-so-flat river-path and finished the night with a long, hot soak in our solar-heated tub!

Until next time...

Trish xx

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in action ;-)in action ;-)
in action ;-)

... and feeling the heat
which way?which way?
which way?

they both say wanderweg (path)
feeling the burn....feeling the burn....
feeling the burn....

and not the muscle kind!
a little resting hut in the woods...a little resting hut in the woods...
a little resting hut in the woods...

... complete with grill and all ;-)

... and finally en route home just in time to be doused with thunder-showers!

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