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September 15th 2007
Published: October 1st 2007
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These are the only photos you'll ever see of me in such close proximity to a beer tap - you better treasure the memory of them!

I hope I've earnt extra brownie points for representing NZ on this side of the globe - I've had a few "oh you're from NZ" along with the odd "what are the all blacks?" which I obviously replied "Only the best rugby team in the world".....and once somebody even responded with: "What's rugby?"

First time to the City in 3 months

After one day in Bern (the capital of Switzerland) following a 3 month stint in the mountains I was left dazed by all of the superficial advertising, the numerous "click clicks" of high heels pounding the pavement and the general hecticness of modern city life. Now I can understand why my dad goes crazy in the warehouse - an overdose of the 21st century! All I wanted to do was get out of there!!

Missing India & a change of plans

It seems obsurd but I actually feel homesick for India. I miss how real everything is. I miss how tough the people are and how much they appreciate even the smallest of things. I miss the big wide grins of the children and even the cheeky pestering of rickshaw drivers. It's like a circus, and around every corner is a new act waiting to blow you off your seat.

I am heading off to the Himalayas at the end of October. I've booked tickets from Bangkok to Dehli and plan to travel overland to Kathmandu and organise some hiking when I get there. I am definately my mothers daughter. A year ago I would never have dreamed of heading over there alone with nothing organised, but I know everything will work out. It looks as if I'll be spending my 19th birthday eating dahl and rice with friendly sherpa people, gazing up at the tallest mountains on earth! It's a tough life.

The thought of heading back to the land of madness and mayhem sends a shiver of excitement down my spine and I can't help but wonder what amazing treats await me around the corner.

The rickshaw drivers wont know what has hit them, for this tough bargainer will be back in town!

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That beer glowThat beer glow
That beer glow

Johanna & Martin
Another perfect beer HA!Another perfect beer HA!
Another perfect beer HA!

(I swear that the beer barrell had just been changed...they normally have less froth than that...)
Lolly Lolly

(the cheesemaker!)

Not many people would agree to walk over 3 mountain passes in one day at the drop of a hat, but this girl would! We had lots of fun!

1st October 2007

man thats inspiring. I just decided im going to go there before im 30. have fun xx

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