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February 28th 2012
Published: February 28th 2012
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The Starlet!The Starlet!The Starlet!

Our red mobile for the day.
Well, it has been a week and a half back at work since our little Rome escapade. We haven't done too much since being back from Rome. We had to take Denis' car in for the routine service and oil change. In turn, they supplied us with a 1989 Toyota Starlet. It was lipstick red. It made be think of my dad's old Toyota Tercel that had 470 thousand kilometers on it (or so). The funny thing about this Starlet was that there was only 135 thousand kilometers on it. It should be good for another 25 years. Obviously, living in the Canton of Geneva, one wouldn't put near as many kilometers on a vehicle as in Canada. However, we did get a picture of that sweet car that we had for the day.

Also, it seems that the Canton of Geneva will try whatever it takes to squeeze some money out of you. Last week in the mail, we received a letter stating that we had to pay a personal tax of 25 Swiss Francs. It is not a lot of money, but since we arrived in Geneva in August, it seems like every week or two that we
Neck guard.Neck guard.Neck guard.

Myles was trying on my hockey neck guard.
receive something else that needs to be done with the Canton of Geneva. One of my co-workers saw the envelope on my desk at school and was asking about it. I told him that we had to pay 25 Swiss Francs in taxes and then he asked me if I would be willing to trade taxes with him. Not a chance!

We have been playing more hockey games of late with my team from CERN. It has been nice to play some real games. Also, for the past little while, the other goalies haven't been coming, so I've been getting a lot of practice in net. That has been good because our last game was against some current players and former players for the HC3C team that plays in Ligue B in Switzerland. This is the league below Ligue A, the league in which Davos plays. Anyways, I got to play goal for this game. We ended up winning, which was great, and the guys were saying that we wouldn't have won if it wasn't for me. That was nice to hear. I guess that every dog has his day!


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Isabelle butting in!Isabelle butting in!
Isabelle butting in!

Of course Isabelle wanted her picture taken as well.

5th March 2012

Stop playing hockey for them - we need you!
Hey Jarod, Glad to read that you are doing well. I enjoy the blog!! Report card season at school - everyone is working hard! The kids sure are growing! Have some bad news - we lost the final in LNHL - 2-0. It's great that you are winning in International play, but we sure could use you here! We couldn't score a goal to save our lives! The Habs sure are missing your support - they're in a tight race with Edmonton for the worst Canadian team . . . All my best to you all! Kev

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