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March 14th 2012
Published: March 14th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Well, after a cold snap in February, the weather has sure been nice in March. By the weekend, it will get up around 20 degrees Celcius. I have been sweating in my classroom, that usually doesn't happen until June in St. Albert. Hopefully I won't stink the students out too bad.

Time has been flying by - as usual. I can't believe that we are in the last trimester of school. I have finished the second round of report cards and we are on the home stretch. Thanks to Denis having a Toyota, we were able to go to Geneva's 82nd International Car Show. It was neat to be able to go and see a bunch of nice cars. The only problem - there were people everywhere. It was hard to get through the crowd at points. One time as we were trying to make our way through a maze of people - with a stroller - I guess that I accidentally rolled over a guy's foot. He then stopped talking on his cell phone, turned to me and said, "You just rolled over my foot, aren't you going to apologize?!" It was kind of funny, because there were people bumping into you everywhere. I guess he must of had some nice shoes on!

Sunday, I had a hockey tournament in Lausanne. It was neat because the tournament was played outside. It brought back great memories of playing on the outdoor rinks back home. The only difference here was the temperature. It was easily plus 10. So by the end of the tournament, the ice was starting to melt. It was funny, because guys would be skating with the puck and then all of a sudden, the puck would stick to a wet spot on the ice. The player would keep skating and the puck would stay stuck to the ice. We played fairly well for the tournament - finishing 3rd out of 6 teams. Our record was 2-1-2. To play in the championship game, we needed to get 3 wins instead of just 2. Oh well, it was fun nonetheless.

I have really enjoyed playing hockey with this team. It has been neat to play with people from all over Europe. I got a ride home with a guy from the Czech Republic. It was neat to talk to him. His wife is a Diplomat in Geneva.
Geneva Car Show.Geneva Car Show.Geneva Car Show.

Myles is trying to get at a restricted car.
He drove me from Lausanne right to my door. I then asked him if he wanted some money for gas and he said, "Don't worry about it, we get the Diplomat discount." I guess that there are perks for being a Diplomat.

Lastly, we took the students sledding March 9. This was one of my favorite times with my class. I think that I got in more runs than all of my students. I was loving the snow. One of my colleagues lent me a sled and I was racing students, going down with students and taking jumps. I have to say that my butt was sore the next day. I am much too big for the sled that I was using. It was great fun.

That's all I have to report for now.


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