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May 14th 2015
Published: May 14th 2015
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Yes, today was another 4-country day, and rather unexpectedly. I thought we might go through Germany, since Salzburg is on the border, but when we cut across Liechtenstein, I was pretty thrilled. And I would post more pictures that I just took around Zurich, but the place I'm staying only has some bizarre Swiss power outlets - I don't remember these from my last trip here, but then I think my hotel last time had multiple outlet possibilities, including American. Long story short, I can't plug in my computer to get the pictures off my camera, so maybe I'll come back and add them tomorrow night or something.

Since today was a bit boring until I got to Zurich anyway, I figured I'd tell you the most interesting things that have happened to me since I got to town.

1. As soon as I left my B&B, a Latina woman in her fifties asked me if I wanted to vamos with her. I politely declined.

2. As I was walking along the bank of the Limmat River that runs through downtown Zurich, an American guy pointed at my shirt as he was passing and said, "I like that shirt." I simply responded, "yeah, go Dawgs!" It was my red dri-fit UGA football shirt.

3. When I was walking back up Bahnhofstrasse on my way back from the lake, I saw 2 Audi sportscars race each other when the light turned green. Awesome, but really scary, since there was a big curve in the middle of downtown.

4. I always love it when a Basic fast-food combo meal costs 15 francs, or about $16. Ridiculous.

Tomorrow I'm taking a glass-domed train through the Alps and back into Italy, where I'll be for the next 2 weeks until I fly back to America. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so I hope that doesn't mess up the views. Or maybe the weatherpeople will be wrong. I hope for the latter.


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