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March 13th 2006
Published: March 13th 2006
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The trip to Zurich was an amazing adventure. We started out on a sleeper train from Rome around 8:30 and it was a lot of fun. We brought a bottle of wine and Trey and I, along with the Swiss student that was in our cabin, played dominos until about 11:00. Then it was time for bed. We were woken up by the train official when we pulled into Zurich. What a way to travel. In a sleeper cabin, you have an option of 2, 4, or 6 person cabins. Each person has a bed so it is rather comfortable. When we got to Zurich, out friends Remick and Rachel picked us up in the car we decided to rent. To our surprise, the rental service ran out of the cars we rented so they upgraded us to a MERCEDES!!! The car came with inboard navigation system which is awesome. We never used a map. It had lists of every point of interest in Europe, plus if you had the address you could just enter it in and the system would show you the way. Telling you to prepare to turn, please turn now, everything. We went strait to the Zumthor baths. We stopped along the way several times to play in the snow and get pictures. We actually climbed down the side of a creek to get a closer look and Remick had the idea to fall back first in the snow, so the rest of us had to do it. It was so funny. We got to the baths and talked to the people inside about entry into the baths. They said we could go for as long as we wanted for 30 Swiss Franks, which is about 22 US dollars. The rest of the group convinced me to go to the actual baths and boy was is worth it. The interior spaces were unbelievable. We couldn't take pictures inside, which was a bummer. They had several different pools that ranged in temperatures from about 15 degrees Celsius, which is freezing, to 46 degrees Celsius, which is scalding hot. They also had a pool that was half interior and half exterior, sauna, echo pool, silent room and a pool that had petals in the water and I think some kind of oil. Overall it was well worth the 30 Swiss franks. We left the baths and got back into Zurich in time for Dinner. We soon found out that Switzerland was very expensive. We ate and then went to a bar to listen to this band we found. They were an American funk band that had one of the funniest front-man ever. They rocked the house. It was too bad that the beers were 16 Francs a pop, so we didn't stay very long. The next day, we started out the morning going to Calitrava's Train Station. Simple put, amazing! Remich and Rachel left back for Basil to fly back to Rome. Trey and I stayed in Zurich until later that night. We walked all around the town, while it snowed on us on and off. Sometimes really hard, sometimes not. We took the sleeper home and got back at 9:50 on the 13th. It was a great trip, and I can't wait to go back when I am stinking rich, HA! No but seriously, bring lots of money, because they love it.

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the 4 imprintsthe 4 imprints
the 4 imprints

from left to right: Trey, Remick, RET, Rachel
zurich tram signzurich tram sign
zurich tram sign

they don't like poor people or mexicans with guitars....go figure

28th September 2006

Zurich tram sign
Hey, very nice and true travel blog you wrote about Zurich. About the Zurich tram sign ("They don't like poor people or mexicans with guitars...go figure")..they have removed the Mexican-hat from the third image in ALL of them in the trams. I live in Zurich, and noticed that !!!. So apparantly a Zurich civil servant realised this, (viewed your travel blog!) and took action, and hat the Mexican hats removed. Or they just realised it was a bit discriminating. Cheers from Zurich! V.

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