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June 8th 2008
Published: June 9th 2008
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It's amazing to think that we have less than a week left of our tour! We appreciate you, our groupies, reading about our madcap shenanigans! It's difficult to express how truly awesome this trip is with just words and pictures. Our group is bonded for life through all the shared minutae of experiences...through our attempts to retain composure while eating unpalatable dishes (some of us are better at this than others), as we share personal stories of sadness and joys, discuss our indiosyncracies, fears, passions, and weaknesses...as we bravely risk 60 meter heights, water logged boats, fermented herring, and climbing through dragon mouths...and as we compare daily details of our home experiences...I think not one of us could ever truly, adequately answer the question: "How was the trip?" with words.

Boy. Those were some deep thoughts...all I had intended to do was post a quick blog to discuss yeseterday's highlights!

Yesterday started in fine fashion. I experienced the joy of joys that is a flea market! Coming from very strong flea market stock (thank you, grandpa), I can truly appreciate that festival of fleas, the tables of treasures, the morass of merchandise...the bunches of baubles. I always try to
Johannishus CastleJohannishus CastleJohannishus Castle

Home of the descendants of Admiral General Wachtmeister
find that diamond in the rough...which in this case was a genuine Dala horse!

Yesterday also found us in another church (it was Sunday after all) in Ronneby called Heliga Kors Kyrka. Truly a remarkable church, it's wrought with Danish and Swedish history that is evidenced in the small details of the artwork and paintings adorning the walls.

In the afternoon, the team and their hosts had a grand lunch in the dining hall at Johannishus outside of Ronneby in Blekinge, the residence of descendants of Hans Wachtmeister, a 17th century admiral general. As we dined, one team member opined that we may be sitting on chairs that may be centuries old...he was right!

After a tour of the parade floor of the castle and the grounds, which included several barns, a renovated office building, and "Party Church," the team was off to spend the evening with their families. We reunite again today for our second to last presentation followed by a lecture on the Swedish energy policy and an outdoor barbecue with the Stromborn family!

Vi ses!


9th June 2008

The garble of garage sales...
The "festival of fleas, the tables of treasures, the morass of merchandise...the bunches of baubles." You go half-way around the world, and find charm in a garage sale... Oh well, I guess indeed this is a voyage of discovery! Actually, there is something charming in the familiarity of a flea market. So I hope you did enjoy it, and DIDN'T bid on that used lawn mower or bed frame. You paint an interesting picture that again makes me look forward to hearing the stories. And now, you will have a dalahäst puppet to help illustrate the harrowing boat-ride, the power-climb up a pile of rocks, or windmill, the gallop out of the eel pond...
10th June 2008

What an accurate description of what the GSE experience is all about, the inward journey is as important as the physical journey. I am enjoying every step of your adventure.

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