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June 10th 2008
Published: June 11th 2008
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In KarlshamnIn KarlshamnIn Karlshamn

In front of the famous statue of Carl and Christina
Well, folks, we've officially made it to the last page of our itinerary!
I remember when I first laid eyes on it and felt somehow separated from it, like it wasn't real, a myth, a fairy tale. (Actually, it quite resembled one!) Now, as we look through it, it's an instant diary of our tours, visits, meetings, lunches, and families!

I cannot start expounding upon today though before writing about the wonderful get together party we had yesterday evening! Sabine and Christer Stromberg hosted a party for the team, host families, and close friends in Rotary with a lovely barbecue on the lawn complete with accordions, dancing, singing, and laughing (the laughing at this point is a given). We had a lovely time, and it was a fabulous exclamation point on our stay in Ronneby!

Today we met and toured Water Jet Sweden where they make machines that do cutting with high pressure streams of water. Yet again, those Swedes are so innovative! (Have I said that yet?)

Following Water Jet, we journeyed to Karlskrona and had a brief tour of the Admiral's palace and a walk through the city, and then it was time to meet our
Real men wear caprisReal men wear caprisReal men wear capris

American and Canadian men, take heed to this wise fashion choice!
final families! Now settled in Karlskrona, I find myself in the heart of the city and am optimistic about a glorious final hurrah on the GSE program!

Additional photos below
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BBQ - Swedish StyleBBQ - Swedish Style
BBQ - Swedish Style

Chicken and Ribs - Yah Hoo!!!!!!
A serenadeA serenade
A serenade

By accordian player, Gote Viktorsson
Rotary dancesRotary dances
Rotary dances

Our own version of midsommer
Water Jet FactoryWater Jet Factory
Water Jet Factory

A little tired, but still a team!!

11th June 2008

Poignant, that...
As I follow your trip, I am dually thinking of the adventure you are having, while also reminded of the adventure I had. You are ever so clever in pointing out the depth, rarity, and treasure of what you are experiencing, with whom you share this experience, and more. Thank you for allowing ME to share with you, while also being reminded of the treasure that was bestowed upon me, and providing me a change to express my sheer wonder and gratitude for that. ...I hope you took notes on how to do that BBQ - that looked tasty!
16th June 2008

American citizen is on the run in Sweden has anybody see them please get them back to Kallinge we miss them a lot! It was a great time and a pleasure to be a hosted family to Carol and Shana and having BBQ with the rest of the team Beth, Jamie Dennis and Peter. Take care for the rest of your journey and a nice trip back home. Best regards Christer Och sabine

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