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May 29th 2008
Published: May 29th 2008
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I smell fish!I smell fish!I smell fish!

At the square in Angelholm
Salutations and greetings from sunny Osby nestled in the forests of southern Sverige! The team headed out this morning from Angelholm (sorry, I'm not on a Swedish computer anymore, so I can't do the special Swedish characters....imagine two dots above the A there, please!) and had a lovely stopover in Klippan for a tour of a printing company, Ljungbergs Trycker, and a lunch/tour at Dymollans smokehouse. AKA "Eels on Wheels."

Turns out the Eels on Wheels trucks are no match for Shana and myself! I should've trusted my gut instinct and kept a safe distance from the tanks...who know what lurked in those murky depths!?

No, we all played it cool, adopting the "suck it up/try it" philosphy once more. We tiptoed through the eely water into the tank area, where our guide proceeded to take out an eel and......yeah, I don't know what he really did next. We were too busy darting away, Shana and I, kicking up eel water in our wake, heading for safer, drier, greener... less eely pastures in the fresh air....far away from tanks and buckets loaded with those slithery slimies. We made it safely to an eely oasis of a parking lot where we preferred to keep a safe distance. Whew.

Onward to the Church of St Petri, a church like none other I've seen, which is so infused with spirtuality, we were all in awe. It was a very interesting tour of a church not even 50 years old. Its exterior bears no resemblance to a church, but the subtleties of the interior instilled a sense of peace and comfort. Lit by only candles and windows, it still radiated warmth.

We're now onto host family number six, past the halfway point now. In the quaint town of Osby, Carol and I were ushered out to the countryside to a small farm with horses, cats, and sheep. Not too much time though because the evening marked another presentation for the Stupendous Six...and a fine performance it was. Once again, we were overcome with the warmth and generosity of the Rotary community. And of course, another fine dessert!

Tomorrow we're off to the toy factory, BRIO, and a travel agency and an evening with our host families. There are rumors of a canoe outing this weekend.....and all I can think is.... "Watch out for the eels!!!!!!"

Thanks for checking in,
Like no otherLike no otherLike no other

Inside the Church of St. Petri


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Horsing aroundHorsing around
Horsing around

Swedish horses!

29th May 2008

so fun!
It's so fun to live vicariously through you all!!
30th May 2008

Please tell me you, nor Shana, won't be waking up in the middle of the night, cold sweat running down your back, thoughts of eels racing through your head. SWEDEN IS MORE THAN EELS! (Although, those big Eel Limosines are quite the nice touch!) We have our own eel story, which we will share at the proper time, accompanied by copious shots of Absolut, and a big, steaming plate of... Ål!

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