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May 25th 2008
Published: May 25th 2008
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Traditional Swedish attireTraditional Swedish attireTraditional Swedish attire

Shana's host mother in Falkenberg, Kerstin, didn't find this at the Gap!
Now reporting from Halmstad, 700 year old city on the west coast of Sweden with the River Nissan running through its center and a thriving business community.

Time for a tour break! We've each been blessed with our OWN rooms at the Hotel Martenson in the city. On this the second day of our two day break, we're reflecting on the first two weeks of our trip and taking time to relax. We headed south and west to Copenhagen yesterday for a brief six hour visit and experienced the city via a sightseeing tour on the canal and went into shops and had a nice lunch at an Irish pub. We've had great weather thus far, the sunshine's been good to us, and the rain clouds have stayed away.
We're taking advantage of this time now to update you all as a group and share with you massive amounts of photos!

We've discovered that we're on our own sort of reality program like Real World or Gilligan's Island...accordingly, we've all taken on new roles in this sitcom that is five weeks in Sverige!

Skipper Dennis reports that Copenhagen was a "marvelous mix of modern and historic architecture, contemporary
Happy to be at Pio Country ClubHappy to be at Pio Country ClubHappy to be at Pio Country Club

Our presentation attire for our first evening performance!
art, and scenic beauty." He's now on a tour of the River Nissan!

Math Man (AKA Dr. Peter) expounds that, "The Scandinavians are remarkable people. Their sense of environmentalism can be seen in even the smallest details, yet the beauty is revealed at every turn. For those of you who are interested, it is 15 dg C (that converts to 59 dg F). In addition, we are currently only 166 km (100 miles) from our starting point, even though we've been traveling for 2 weeks (or a fortnight)."

(Jamie notes that this is why Peter is named Math Man!)

Shana (our sjukgymnast) is excited to see how active people are in Sweden and enjoys participating in the Swedish lifestyle of health and exercise. Shana's enjoyed living the country life and the city life, all that Sweden has to offer!

Sweet Carol(ine) appreciated the bison in Copenhagen and felt right at home. She's also had a great time having intelligent conversations on world issues and has been encouraging young adults to explore exchange programs at American universities! Go Bison!

Beth ("the music") is at church and blows us all away with her ability to find joy
It's a small world after all!It's a small world after all!It's a small world after all!

Enjoying music in the center of Copenhagen!
and fun wherever we are! Even catholic churches! Of which, there are very few in Sweden.

Jamie thinks that everything was said already, but really appreciates the towel hooks and bedside lamps.

Additional photos below
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Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen!Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen!
Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen!

A view of the canal on our boat tour! Little Mermaid, here we come!
A moment to smileA moment to smile
A moment to smile

Lunch in Copenhagen
Proud to be a "Bison" in Copenhagen!!!Proud to be a "Bison" in Copenhagen!!!
Proud to be a "Bison" in Copenhagen!!!

This NDSU Bison is feeling at home in Copenhagen!
Making a dent...Making a dent...
Making a dent...

....wherever we go!
King Gustav Adolf rules!King Gustav Adolf rules!
King Gustav Adolf rules!

Hejsan from Sweden to my Gustavus Adolphus friends back home!

25th May 2008

Booking Shana for Fall Presentation
Just to let Shana know - her physio friends back in T-Bay have booked her for a fall OPA presentation - and we want the singing too! Your trip looks wonderful...glad you're all having so much fun!
26th May 2008

Per Gessle and Gyllene Tider!
Halmstad is the home of Per Gessle, who formed Roxette after the demise of Gyllene Tider. Per Gessle and Maria Fredricksson stormed the world, and for a year or two were the biggest thing since ABBA. Per Gessle continues to put out music, and is likely as rich as anyone/anything in Halmstad. So, I hope you take some time to sing SOMMARTIDER HEJ HEJ SOMMARTIDER! Or, at least have someone sing it for you.... In Angleholm, you have to listen to Jill Johnson and sing Oh, Vilket Harlig Dag! ...or not. Not everything needs to be punctuated by song. ...or is that wrong, Beth?

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