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May 23rd 2008
Published: May 23rd 2008
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Welcome to the world of shooting, skinning, carving, and other many, many other things
Thinking that I would give Jamie the day off from blogging I thought it would be fun to share some pictures with you from the past few days. Keep in mind that it has been a long couple of days and that we went for a late fika and that my writing will not be as clever as my dear friend Jamie (I can guarantee that).

We had a wonderful day yesterday in Unnaryd visiting Vildmarksgymnasiet (a secondary school specializing in wilderness skills). No, we didn't have to eat any bugs, berries, or tree bark, however we did get to watch students making knives and preparing their own food for their two week stay in the forest . . . . something that I don't know if I would be able to do! Then it was off to STORA ENSO (the papermill) where we found out everything you could ever want to know about how they make paper . . . it was truly interesting to see how they recycled paper and lumber to create the paper I think we take for granted everyday!

Our day was topped off with our first NIGHT SHOW! Yes at 21:00 (9:00 p.m.)
Shana the Shooting machineShana the Shooting machineShana the Shooting machine

Who knew such a sweet girl would have a deadly shot :)
we presented to 50 - 60 people after a six course meal from an Argentine chef and a great glass of wine. It was a hard act to follow (yes, the meal where I think we ate sweetbread) but needless to say, I think it was our best presentation yet . . . . the group seemed to enjoy it as well!

Today we visited the Swedish Arm Forces and then the Police station which was quit interesting. I don't think we would have gotten to see as much as we did unless we had been arrested - good thing that has happened . . . .yet! Enjoy the pictures we are off to a barbecue and then off to Copenhagen in the morning for our midtour break. It is hard to think that it has already been two weeks . . . Tune in later for more of the exciting world from GSE Sweden 2008 . . . .and a possibly visit from Math Man!

Additional photos below
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Peter and the Wood MachinePeter and the Wood Machine
Peter and the Wood Machine

Yep . . . I think that would is going to turn into paper
You were right!You were right!
You were right!

It sure did turn into paper . . . and we know all about it!
and moreand more
and more

and more and more and more paper
good looking group thoughgood looking group though
good looking group though

Don't you think :)
dinner timedinner time
dinner time

Such a fancy place . . . . don't worry we didn't break anything!
Swedish Armed ForcesSwedish Armed Forces
Swedish Armed Forces

Yes, they gave us guns again! Who said Sweden was a neutral country???
Sorry mom!Sorry mom!
Sorry mom!

Who can resist?
K-9 patrolK-9 patrol
K-9 patrol

We couldn't find the dogs so we decided to see how they feel for a change

23rd May 2008

Gotta Love That Paper...
These adventures have an odd ring of familiarity to them - or, at least credibility and poetic justice. We always knew one of more of you would be arrested, but to put you in the dog cage? So much for the notion of Sweden being "progressive"... I like the photo of Shana Oakly! Let us resolve to FIKA often, long, and to teach others the blessings of this tradition! Chris

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